10 Sugar Dating Conversation Starters

All new Sugar Daddies are pondering the question of how to start a conversation with a new Sugar Baby. Sometimes more than finding a traditional girlfriend, securing a Sugar Baby takes effort and time. Starting a conversation on a Sugar Daddy dating site or in real life can be difficult. The pressure is high when you know that this may lead to nothing at all instead to leading to an arrangement.

In order to make sure that you are doing your best when sending the first message, there are a few subtle tips you can use. Without seeming desperate, you must catch her attention. You need to know if she truly fits the description of what you are looking for and in order to be able to know that you must ensure to actually read her profile. It is, also, important to engage only in relationships with people you would actually be interested in, or else there will be no initial interest and the conversation will go nowhere.

One of the most powerful ways to get your potential Sugar Baby to talk is to make her talk about herself. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, and everyone seems to be an expert in themselves. In order to get things going you may ask her something about her hobbies or her education. Once you make your Sugar Baby comfortable you will have the conversation going in no time.

Whether you are talking on the phone, messaging on a sugar dating site, or texting, you should always keep her wanting more and leave the conversation on a high note. You, also, have to keep the conversation light hearted and fun. Do not bring about your intentions in the first days of your communication this may make them to leave or think you’re too fast. Flirt instead, in order to make him desire to know you better.

If you’re still not sure where to begin, here are 10 sugar dating conversation starters:

Her Background

Take your time to get to know the real lady, not just the potential Sugar Baby, that is behind the messages, when she has already caught your attention. These first exchanges could be the perfect chance to learn about where she came from, her lifestyle, her interests, and her career aspirations. Every woman likes talking about herself and often love to be listened to.

Her Career

Of course, your POT Sugar Baby has worked hard in order to get where she is today. She may be happy to share about her career interests and goals more often than not. You’ll want to ask more than just the basic, “What do you want do?”  Ask what her favorite part is about her college major or her school day; why she chose this profession or school; what she wished she’d known before choosing it; or where she wants to go from here.

Her Hobbies

Everyone has certain hobbies and interests, and they can say much about that particular person. A hobby can define a person because this is how they choose to spend their free time.  Aside from outright asking, “What are your hobbies?” or “What do you do in your freetime?”  Try to ask more specific questions about the hobby.  If she likes playing an instrument, you could inquire how or when she started learning to play; where she plays for example if its part-time or full-time. These small details will enable you understand her more

Current Events

Knowing about current events can help you start a conversation, as well as, knowing each other better. By which current events she is most informed on, you can, also, learn more about what your potential Sugar Baby is into and what topics are important to her.  You might, also, learn which topics should be avoided. This makes the conversation more lively and up to date.

Your Background

When you are certain that she is interested in you as her potential Sugar Daddy, you should reveal more than your website profile does. You may talk about your hobbies, where you’re from, and anything memorable and fun.  Encourage her to ask questions about yourself, maybe even make a game of it, like 20 Questions, to figure out something about her as your Sugar Baby.

Your Goals

Sharing your goals with your new Sugar Baby could be a good conversation starter. She might even have the right connections to help your goals materialize.  Sharing your hopes and dreams with someone can be a bonding moment.


It is always a good idea to talk about travel with a young Sugar Baby.  Most wealthy men have traveled extensively, and if not, perhaps she can persuade you to start! You can share your travel experiences, and she can share her travel stories, as well. You may even persuade her that you would make an ideal travel partner, and you may decide to bring her you along with you on your next trip, if it’s the first time you could take her with your so as to enjoy the time together. You can ask your Sugar Baby date whether she enjoys travelling also.  Ask her what are her favorite places, where she would like to visit, and where she already has been.  Make sure to ask why questions to encourage her to expand on the topic and talk more.


Many people are avid pet owners who enjoy having pets or like animals. Asking her if she likes animals could make a good conversation starter.  You could ask about favorite pets growing up or if your Sugar Baby likes a particular animal, you could ask about particular breeds or types.


Everybody has their favorite food. Share your own and ask your POT Sugar Babe about her favorites.  You could discuss specific foods (spaghetti, steak, sushi, fruit, etc) or types of foods (Chinese, Japanese, French, etc).  This can lead to discussing favorite places to eat or new places to try out together.

Favorite Entertainment

Find out your young Sugar Baby’s favorite entertainment. This is an easy way to start a conversation and through what they like in terms of entertainment you can learn a lot about a person. Knowing the entertainment she is into will provide you good insight into what kind of activities you may expect as her Sugar Daddy.  Think about more detailed questions to ask about her entertainment, like if she likes music you could ask about a particular style, artist, concerts she’s been, etc.