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We will be reviewing, a Sugar Daddy dating site, that aims to provide mutually beneficial dating arrangements. The site has a professional landing page that looks well done. It claims that it serves more than, single, rich Sugar Daddies and young and beautiful Sugar Babies. The dating site is free to use for Sugar Babies. This can be, also, a good thing for us, Sugar Daddies, as more Sugar Babies are enticed to sign up on the site. There are not so many Sugar Daddy members on Arrangement Finders, so Sugar Babies compete for us. After checking all its features, I have given this sugar dating site 3.5 Stars. Signing up and Creating a Profile

According to the home page of the site there’s no need to be wealthy in order to have a mutually beneficial arrangement. This means that even Sugar Daddies less fortunate are welcomed on the site. However, there is a thing that concerned me. I’ve seen at the bottom of the page a series of pictures of pretty young girls with a heading claiming that they are actual members using Arrangement Finders. However, a disclaimer underneath the pictures is stating that they are not actual members of Arrangement Finders. This contradicts the first statement and sounds a bit sketchy. When it comes to the signup process, this is straightforward and pretty simple. Unlike many other sugar dating sites I have reviewed, at least on Arrangement Finders there are no ads or banners for any account upgrades. After signing up to the site a link included in the verification e-mail provides tips for safer dating.

I was relieved once I completed the profile setup process because I was not immediately inundated with chat requests or pop-ups. This is a good indication that the site does not use bots or fake profiles and it is totally legit. I found a variety of Sugar Babies when I scrolled through the initial set of matches. The fact that the Sugar Babies have the benefit of a free membership on the site translates into more female profiles, which works in our advantage. I’ve seen many pretty girls among them, which convinced me that this site has a good potential.

Subscription Prices

On the Arrangement Finders sugar dating site, a full membership for a Sugar Daddy costs $79 a month. Because this price is higher than the membership on a standard dating site, I have been skeptical initially. However, a higher price is supposed to cover more premium features and provide you with the best value for your money. The problem is that on Arrangement Finders you don’t get anything special with this subscription, nothing that you would not find on other sugar dating websites. So, this expensive membership fee is, in fact, covering not so many features. On top of the subscription fee you may also choose to have your profile page featured for $0.99 a day. This would add another $30 a month to the potential cost for Arrangement Finders.

Site’s Features

Some of the features to be found on Arrangement Finders are pretty standard, like quick searches and filters for body type, hair and eye color, keywords, and distance. But I have also found several unique options. Among them one option gives you the possibility to send someone a flirt. This is somehow similar to the wink feature that can be found on other sites. However, on the Arrangement Finders sugar dating site you can create an automatic response to flirts received. You can create a custom response or choose one of the preset messages. Another useful feature offered is the possibility to refine your search options in order to filter for people available for a date tonight. For those Sugar Daddies who are looking to date a Sugar Baby right away, this is a great option.

Profile Page

What I like on the profile page for Arrangement Finders is the fact that it is pretty short. But there is also a page of additional questions and these questions are a bit cheesy. They include things like three words to describe yourself, what is your dream vacation, how often do you go to the gym, what celebrity you look like, and what can you offer.

Internal Search Results in

For a Sugar Daddy, the Arrangement Finders dating site comes with the advantage of providing a large hot Sugar Babies membership base. Most of them are high quality, like the site claims, but others seem to be looking for a quick few dollars and very overly sexual. They post on their profile pictures that are full of nudity. Sometimes you cannot say for sure if this is a site of younger women dating older men or an escort / prostitution website. Some of the girls there have provided very little information about themselves and many have incomplete profiles. Some may request that you contact them off-site or on other sites or at least off-site, often through a provided e-mail address. All these facts disappoint a bit. It seems that Arrangement Finders have very low standards. In fact, even their advertisements are extremely provocative and sexual. When a sugar dating website looks more like an escort website it makes for an overall bad experience. You need to be careful to not be scammed by a young Sugar Baby.

The Conclusion of Review

After checking the sugar dating website, I have some mixed feelings about the Arrangement Finders. Some of the good sides of the site include: no hidden fees, easy to set up, and the possibility to filter for immediate dates. While searching through the Sugar Babies profiles, it seems that the chances at success of finding your match are pretty slim. There are some girls asking you to send money even before the first meeting and instead of an in person meeting some girls are offering a webcam show for money. Taking into consideration all these aspects it seems that, despite the costs for a Sugar Daddy membership on the site, the chance of success on Arrangement Finders is not high enough. However, the site has its good side and shows a lot of potential. For this reason, I give 3.5 stars to the Arrangement Finders sugar dating site.

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