How to Avoid Making the Wrong Type of Arrangement

We all tend to be a people pleaser when we are first starting out in the sugar dating world. We want these potential Sugar Babies to like us enough to find some chemistry, take them out on dates, and achieve some emotional and sometimes physical help in the process. We want to form a solid mutually beneficial arrangement and keep meeting up. However, not all kinds of Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy arrangements are fine. You need to enter a sugar relationship that allows you to enjoy dating someone you truly like, fits your interests and dreams and is the answer to your needs. For this, you have to learn how to avoid making the wrong type of arrangement.

In order to be able to avoid the wrong relationship, you need to first know very well how a Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy relationship works. A typical Sugar Baby is a bit younger than most Sugar Daddies and might have different interests in life. The most common attribute a Sugar Daddy has is his high income or wealth. Most of us are usually married, but for various reasons we look to spice up our lives with a very hot, discrete mistress. The typical Sugar Baby is a good looking girl who is, also, very intelligent. A Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy arrangement typically starts online with the help of various specialized Sugar Daddy dating sites.

The amount of money a young Sugar Baby asks for depends directly on how often you want to see her and how much you earn. The monthly allowance money is paid in person and, often, in untraceable cash or preloaded gift cards. However, a Sugar Baby may, also want other benefits, such as gifts and traveling. Depending on the arrangement that you have, sex might be part of the expectations when you meet or might be negotiable and optional. However, besides sexual favors or cash, mutually beneficial sugar relationships need to be based on honesty, mutual respect, and discretion. When it comes to duration, a sugar bowl relationship can last for only a few months or even for several years.

In order to make such a good kind of sugar relationship work, here are some tips on how to avoid the wrong type of arrangement:


This just means in reality cash for a sexual favor even if it may sound like a type of sugar arrangement. Quite a number of men may have fallen victims to this as they may rush so fast into the sex part. It is a red flag if you ask a lady for sex on the first date. Most women might misjudge your intentions and might think that you want to pay them as an escort. You should never confuse the role of an escort and that of a Sugar Baby. Misunderstanding the needs of a Sugar Baby might make you lose the potential Sugar Baby.

She Asks for “Your Rate”

In case a potential Sugar Baby is asking what is your rate for a night, then it seems that she is looking only for a physical engagement. A lady who is looking for a financial supporter does not come out in such a manner. Most of the times these Sugar Babies will want to understand your intentions first, before they actually say what they want, however, these doesn’t mean you should give in if she asks your rate as it appears to be contrary to your expectations. There is no excuse, even if she might be looking just for a short term arrangement. A woman who is labeling you with a price is not the same thing as an allowance. An allowance is not meant to label your worth but it is rather an agreed upon amount for your time and to cover your expenses.  It is not meant to be a price tag on your favors.

Nude Picture Requests

While most sugar dating sites have an option for secret photos, and there’s a certain amount of presumption that these will be NSFW type photos, anyone directly inquiring about or demanding nude, naked, or naughty photos should be seen as suspect.  Providing these to someone without an existing arrangement, meaning you’ve received payments, is no guarantee that an arrangement is forthcoming. Requesting nudes from a Sugar Baby might give her the impression that you are a pervert, and you may not have the right intentions. As a Sugar Daddy you should not just ask for the pictures especially if you aren’t familiar with the person. Some of these stunts might land you into trouble. If you really want to get nudes from your Sugar Baby let it be something she offers first.

Sex, Sex, Sex

When it comes to arrangements, it is never a good sign for you to bring up the sex topic too soon or at the first date. Sex might happen, if chemistry is there and, also, if you have found the Sugar Baby you want. But getting there should be something you both want to occur and it should unfold naturally. However, in case that you are looking only for something purely platonic, you should ensure that your profile is stating this clearly, so only Sugar Babies with similar interests will contact you.  While many assume that sugar dating is a cover for prostitution, you should be quick to educate people otherwise.  Sugar Babies are meant to be companions, not just sex maniacs, and a real Sugar Daddy will be looking for a real Sugar Baby and will want a real relationship.

Abuse of Any Kind

It should go without saying that you should not enter into or continue a SD/SB arrangement with anyone who hits you or threatens you with physical violence.  While it can be rare for a young woman to get physically violent, it’s not unheard of, and alternatively, she could threaten physical violence from another source.  However, abuse can take many forms and most of it doesn’t leave a single visible mark.  The childhood adage about sticks and stones is a gross lie we tell ourselves or tell others to pretend we don’t care, but words can cut deeper than any blade.  Do not let anyone convince you that you are worthless, stupid, selfish, or dirty.  Narcissistic and abusive people seek to tear you down and elevate themselves.  A good Sugar Baby will encourage you, not seek to bring you down and/or make you dependent on her.