Communicating What You Need

One of the most frequently asked Sugar Daddy questions is:  How do you know what to give her? While most Sugar Babies receive an allowance, one of the common questions I hear from new and prospective Sugar Daddies has to do with how to decide how much to give her. First and foremost, as a gentleman take the lead. However, before the conversation ever occurs, it’s important to consider her own needs and wants. Plus, her needs and wants are more than just financial- as with any relationship out there, they have emotional needs and wants as well. You wouldn’t be expected to read anyone’s mind, so bringing out the conversation would be essential in identifying their needs

Honesty is the Best Policy

There is a difference between being upfront and honest and being demanding. No one wants a demanding Sugar Daddy, even if you think you’re entitled. If you have already agreed on an allowance with your Sugar Baby, remember you can always re-negotiate, especially if you are spending more time with her or she becomes exclusive with you.  While she should have put what she wanted as part or all of her allowance to go towards on her profile, she can let you know what she needs or if those needs have changed. For example, if she is in college she should be upfront with you about the fact that at least part of her allowance would be going towards her tuition.  While you may not know what it is like to stress about money, you never know what type of discussion may end up happening. Remember that this isn’t just about money but forming an honest relationship with someone else – and sharing your concerns and feelings about things going on in this life

As a Sugar Daddy, you are expected to share what you have in mind and what plans you have for the new Sugar Baby. Airing what you had in mind will help you understand the perspective or the reaction to your potential Sugar Baby. Being present emotionally and financially is salient and helps the Sugar Baby feel she’s in just another type of relationship. Honesty could make the relationship move forward easily, as you will be able to encounter less challenges. A Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship is founded on the basis of mutual understanding. As the Sugar Daddy, always ensure that you tell the truth, so as to prevent problems in the relationship.

Things vs. Cash

Now what do you do if she clearly states that she prefers a cash allowance, and you approach her and offer vacations, shopping sprees, etc? She will have to decide what is important to her. Probably she needs the cash to make her ends meet. If she is a college student your offers may tempt her logical part to point out unless that spree was at bookstore, she is not interested

She will probably let you know as a potential Sugar Daddy why she prefers cash, if she did not earlier and, of course, do not take it like she does not appreciate your gifts or your taste in jewelry, just that those things do not pay the bills or take care of her needs.

On the other hand, if she is more interested in trips and shopping sprees because she wants to feel taken care of and pampered directly, she should share that, too. Many of us wealthy older men are secretly hoping to play the white knight, and we are more than willing to play the role of an indulgent Sugar Daddy to a pretty young woman. For some of us an attractive travel companion is exactly what we are looking to find in a Sugar Baby.

If she still doesn’t seem to compromise, there is no reason to completely shut her out. You can kindly let her know you are intrigued by her and let her know that if her situation changes, you would love to hear from her again. One never knows what the future may hold. Plus, as long as you end the message on a good note, it’s entirely possible for something to change and who can say what sort of compromise she may be willing to agree upon later.

Explaining Your Story

Now, we all have difficult things that we have experienced in our lives.  Perhaps we have fallen on hard times for any number of different reasons, and no one likes a whiner. This is not to say that you should hide that side of you after all: no Sugar Baby out there wants someone who is perfect in every way – that would be a robot – they want a human being, but someone who can take care of them.

However, beware of tearjerkers from potential Sugar Babies. While it’s true that sob stories will sometimes get your wallet to open, you should make her understand that a sugar relationship is about way more than money. After a long day, we want someone who can make an evening relaxing. Imagine coming home to a whining Sugar Baby, you won’t be able to have peace of mind and some of us may tend to leave.

When you are telling her your story let the positives be the anchor of all things despite any stormy seasons in your life, you should be able to confidently say you’re back on your feet again. Similarly, many young Sugar Babies may have lead impoverished lives, but you shouldn’t assume all of these stories are true. Identifying the truth will help you to justify your decision towards these potential Sugar Babies. Not all new Sugar Babies are who they seem to be, being smart will be an added virtue as you will know what you really want. For instance, when your Sugar Baby isn’t so into crying or rather she uses her story to show her strengths, this is a unique move and may enable you to stay with her and help her as she helps you. Choosing someone who you are compatible with will be the best decision as you can easily relate and be real to each other, and this could make the relationship last for a longer time.