Dealing With Rejection

Nature expects us, men, to be the ones to approach Sugar Babies first. Well, nowadays what a man can do a woman can do, too, but we are still often the ones expected to always make the first move. It’s romantic and natural. However, some of us Sugar Daddies are shy and some just want to be pursued, if they are not approached first they will never make a move. You may be extremely wealthy and successful in the business world, but that doesn’t mean Sugar Babies can’t hurt you. Dating a Sugar Baby is not easy because it’s possible you will may go through a couple heart breaks or rejections before you get the right Sugar Baby.

You will face many rejections and to some of us without the right technique to face these rejections end giving up. Giving up is the worst mistake you can do. Some Sugar Babies will just ignore you when you make the move. Some ghost up after a meet and  greet. Some ghost up after spending your money. Do not get over your head thinking of every Michelle and Angelina that left you. It is easy to get over this. The tips below will help you to maneuver your way through rejections.

Never give it a 100%

Simply do not put all your eggs in one basket. Do not spend all your resources dreams and efforts on one person, especially if you have not met the person. There are scammers who will just hurt you and not just emotionally. The rejection would be painful if you had put all your efforts into one potential SB, and then she rejects you. Rejections are just like normal relationships. Ever had that girl you took out for some time gave all your efforts and she rejected you? It always hurts more than a gunshot to the chest, but it is up to you to decide whether to sit down and cry your ass out or stand up after the fall and give it another shot till you make it.  Come to think of this, if you would not have put in all your efforts and resources on her, the rejection would be less painless and the recovery would be easy. Always have a plan B.  Just act like you had prepared for this and have a lineup of other Sugar Babies ready to try. Anticipating a rejection before it even happens would make you to always take it easy and not giving it your 100% before seeking an arrangement.

Accept And Move On!

Maybe you were not meant to be. You had your expectations and she had hers also. Let’s speak of equality. It is not always about you. We all have met those ladies who are just beautiful and perfect in some way, and everybody would just want to be with her but you two just don’t click. Don’t waste time thinking about it, too hard.  Whether it was you that didn’t feel the magic or her, just let it go. There’s nothing wrong with, either, of you just that you have not met your perfect match. On the other hand, there are those people who just click from the first instance and fare well throughout. I am not saying you wait for a person that you will click from the first minute, no. I am saying continue looking for your perfect match, and you will know when she comes along your way.

Time is the Best Healer

Some of new Sugar Daddies will put all their eggs in one basket simply because it is the first time, or they want to be romantic. It is not wrong, but the rejection will be painful. What I can say to you is time is the best healer. Can you tell me all the details of people you knew in passing a year ago?  Probably not.  Just put yourself all back together and as time passes by you will forget and heal. As time goes you will do activities which will make you forget all this. Concentrate on something else like hobbies, go golfing with your buddies, and with time you will forget about her, especially if you meet someone that is worth your time.

Never Give Up

In the business world, you are often faced with the choice of giving up or pursuing an opportunity.  You’ve probably learned not to give up to easily when you know it’s a good opportunity.  If you give up too soon on the sugar bowl, you will regret this one your entire life. Life is a lesson and failures are not exceptions. Let’s talk about you and your money. If you would have given up at a point in life would you still have that money? Take these rejections as life lessons. Once you fail you will always look for answers till you succeed. The same works with rejections. They better you in your sugar dating journey. Nothing good comes easy so the more hard-work you put on the better results you will get.

Don’t Do Blame Games

Depression is the last thing you want in your life. Blaming yourself is a normal reaction but these might lead to pressure, depression, and low self-esteem issues. You don’t want that at your age. Don’t ever blame yourself or the Sugar Baby that rejected you. You just did not click. There was no chemistry between you two. As I said earlier, she was not the one for you, and the one for you is still out there waiting for you.  Spending too much time on who is at fault won’t get you anywhere.

Reach Out To Family And Friends

A rejection will make you feel lonely and unwanted as a Sugar Daddy. But in a real sense, this is not true. Other than romantic interests there are other people who care for you. You probably have family and friends who care and love you. Spend some time with them after a rejection, and you will feel some sense of belonging in some way. This will make you forget about the rejection and focus on another relationship. The sense of belonging will give you the strength to try out again and not give up.

Let This Be A Stepping Stone

The rejection comes as a lesson, and you might need some self-improvement as a Sugar Daddy. Maybe your approach, your attitude, etc. There are some points one takes after failing. These points help to not repeat the same mistakes, while solving the problem again. Take the points and start fresh. This is also the time you must eat healthily, do some athletic activities, or other recreational activities to get the rejection off your mind. You can even concentrate on your business more to cool off your head before trying out another relationship.