Very close resemblance to a porn site

This time, I am having a look at this sugar dating site to see if it’s a legit place for a wealthy older man to find a single young woman. Right after it loads, I am sure you will agree that this is not the dating site for a cosmopolitan single young woman of the type I want to find! The homepage is a surprising mixture of pictures of different topless Sugar Babies. Besides, it apparently advertises horny gals looking for sex. I am in awe! While it bears a very close resemblance to a porn site, it does say it is 100 percent free, so I just thought I would check it out, anyway – just in case I would find my perfect sweet Sugar Baby match is hiding inside. So, after a short tour of the dating site, I give it one star. Read on so you’ll see why Find Sugar Babies is nothing but a scam created to rip off its members.

Signing up and Making a Profile on

In signing up with the sugar dating site Find Sugar Babies, it starts by asking, “Do you like receiving oral sex?” and “Have you ever tried anal?” Then it will tell you if are “qualified” for the site’s service or not. After that, it will prompt you for your username, password, as well as, your valid email address. Next, you will see the screen has these text blocks for a Sugar Daddy profile headline, cell phone number for some text alerts, about me, and some other general information. Then, the next page is all about the site’s subscription for a premium gold account. They are very aggressively trying to sell subscriptions.

Subscription Prices

The subscription fees for Sugar Daddies differ, which depends on how many months you’re going to sign up for. As you will notice below, this sugar dating site is not really the most expensive one out there; however, it is not a cheap sugar dating site. The subscription fees are as follows:

  • Quick Access 3-day trial: $2.97, then $39.95 each month
  • 1-month subscription: $29.95
  • 3-month subscription: $74.85
  • 6 month subscription: $119.70

Review of Gold Membership

The basic membership for a rich Sugar Daddy is free. It allows you to create a profile and that is all. You have to pay for the subscription so that you can directly contact anyone in the site. Even with all the pop-ups you will receive, claiming to be a Sugar Baby interested in you, you still have to upgrade so you can communicate with her. Of course, you have to sign up for a Gold Membership so you can respond to any of these pop-up messages. Some of the site’s Premium features are as follows:

  • Live chat instant messenger
  • View and upload unlimited photos
  • Members only can have access to live cam
  • Send and receive emails
  • Top search results placement
  • Smart match detection
  • Gold member 3-month hook-up guarantee. So, if there is any reason you cannot hook up within 3 months, they will instead give you free membership for 3 months.

Review of Profile Page

After I finished setting up my Sugar Daddy profile, I immediately got a series of pop-ups with questions from Sugar Babies. I did not even have to complete my profile setup, yet. It has made me think these were very desperate women who are looking for a hook-up. I could not even do anything to respond or finish my profile,  until I was able to verify my page with photos and IDs, which is a great policy, by the way. And yet all these pop-ups really concerned me. I already saw like five chat windows, although my profile said I had only three views, which do not really add up. So, I began to look around this sugar dating site to have a closer look at their privacy policy and terms of service.

Terms of Service

The very first thing that had me jumped up was the reference to a Love Stars program. I really haven’t seen that in any dating site before now. So, you might ask what’s this Love Stars program? As per the site’s Terms of Service, you agree, acknowledge, and understand that some user profiles present in the site may be fictitious, models, or bots related their LS (Love Stars) program. The LS works for the site as its effort to encourage communication. In short, you agree, understand, and acknowledge that there are information, text, and photos that do not pertain to an actual person or user but are still included just for entertainment purposes. This means that there are fake Sugar Baby profiles on this dating website, and they are there on purpose!

They say that it is just for entertainment purposes, but then I am not here for that. I am a rich Sugar Daddy who is real and wants to find an equally real, single, eligible and hot Sugar Baby – not non-responsive bots or fake models to waste my time. I want real encounters with real Sugar Babies and not just online entertainment. I do not want to communicate with bots either. How can I find my perfect match if I am just talking to fake Sugar Babies and bots? The whole point of these fictitious profiles of Sugar Babies is just to trick you into paying for a membership upgrade to communicate with those who supposedly viewed your profile. However, they are not real Sugar Babies. They are just some computer program created to tease you and rip you off.

Conclusion of the Review

You may now have clearly seen: I am so disgusted by this experience with this sugar dating site. You can also see why I give it a one star rating. My complaints include the following:

  • A questionable Terms of Service
  • Flagrant statements about giving out your information to third parties
  • Use of fake Sugar Baby profiles
  • Use of bots
  • Use of fake Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby profiles
  • Declaration of use of dishonest tactics to scam people of their money

This Find Sugar Babies dating site is very clearly a scam site. This can perhaps actually help some desperate women and men who are looking for a quick hook-up, but I would be surprised if it is even good for that. Its live cam option is screaming pornography site. You could argue that its cam option is good for speaking one-on-one or face-to-face, but then I suspect it is merely a scheme for sexting. Find Sugar Babies is not a legit site and is just a waste of time and money and even risky for your well-being and privacy. I would really avoid this kind of scam sugar dating site. You can still find that there are better sites with cheaper fees or even free, which will legitimately assist you in finding someone for a reciprocal and beneficial arrangement, without just taking your money, stringing you along, spamming you, or passing along your private information without your knowing it.

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