What Kind Of Man Becomes A Sugar Daddy

Becoming a sugar daddy seems to be a fairly simple undertaking that can be done by anyone with the financial means and the desire to hook up with a young and attractive woman. Those are in fact the basic requirements for becoming a sugar daddy, and many have gone on to such a lifestyle based on those two alone. But it takes a special kind of man to thrive and flourish in a sugar dating environment, and there are many qualities that could prove essential in helping one get the most out of the arrangement.

Interestingly enough, there really isn’t a single set of criteria that will determine one’s feasibility to become a sugar daddy. By the same token, there isn’t a single type of man that is more–or less–suited to the lifestyle than anyone is. Taking a look at the sugar daddies profiled below, it would seem as if almost anyone could become a sugar daddy if he wanted.

And yet…there does appear to be more similarities than differences among the sugar daddies that we interviewed. Apart from the basic requirement of having the financial capability to support a sugar baby, most of these men also had a taste for new experiences and a desire to enjoy life to the fullest. Even in their relatively advanced ages, these men are far from giving up on life. Read through the stories of these sugar daddies and see if some of their own experiences resonate with you.

Foster, 55, market analyst

Foster has long been curious about the sugar dating lifestyle. So when he split up with his wife of over thirty years, he quickly grabbed the opportunity. “It wasn’t that my marriage was unhappy”, Foster shares. “Throughout most of it, we were actually pretty happy. But over time I began to feel a creeping sense of frustration and disappointment that I was sure my wife was feeling as well.”

After a divorce that Foster describes as “mutually agreeable”, he quickly set about trying to find a sugar baby. “Laura is everything I had hoped for in a sugar baby”, he said. “I don’t know how long we are going to be together, but we’re having fun, and that’s the most important thing for me right now.”

David, 54, management consultant

David has a similar story to share, although his split with his wife of more than twenty years was on much less friendly terms. “I was pretty much miserable during the last five years of my marriage”, David shares. “We married quite young, and we really didn’t know what we were getting into. Having kids so soon after getting married didn’t help matters any and I often felt as if there was so much more to life that I was missing.”

Things came to a head for David after he found out that his wife had been having an affair. “She had clearly lost interest in trying to save the marriage,” David said, “and with the kids all grown up and starting their own lives, I had little inclination to get her to stay.”

Soon after the divorce, David hooked up with Fergie after being introduced by a mutual friend. “With Fergie, I found everything that I had been missing in my marriage”, said David. “I actually look forward to every day now, and I wouldn’t change being a sugar daddy for anything else in the world!”

Bruce, 56, R&D administrator

Unlike our other sugar daddies, Bruce had never been married prior to becoming a sugar daddy. In fact, he had never really been in any serious relationship before, having spent most of his adult life on his career. “I was totally focused on graduating with honors while in college” said Bruce. “I had always been a very driven and focused person, and this carried over into my early adulthood. Unfortunately, this left very little time to develop a social life, and I was well into my ’30s before I even realized what I was missing.”

Bruce goes on: “Actually, I probably would have lived out the rest of my life as a single man if I wasn’t introduced to the sugar dating lifestyle by a colleague at work. He casually mentioned that he had a sugar baby, and I thought that it seemed like a great way to have a sort of “low-commitment” relationship. I got more than I bargained for however, and Susan and I have been together for almost three years now!”

Steven, 59, business owner

As the head of his own contracting firm, Steven had little time to settle down and get married. Although he was married for a time in his ’20s, he quickly realized that he wasn’t the type to get hitched to one woman. “My wife was a lovely woman”, said Steven. “I was really in love with her at the start and I continued to love her well into our marriage.”

“But I was just too much of a firebrand and maybe a bit of a rogue to settle down with one woman. I didn’t want to hurt her any more than I already had, so I decided that we should divorce and that I would set her up with a nice alimony. It was soon after that I took on my first sugar baby.”

Even today, Steven feels no urge to settle down. “I’m having a wonderful time with my current sugar baby, Brandy. She a great girl and we get along amazingly well together. But I really don’t feel any more need to settle down now than I did twenty years ago. If we get to the point where the relationship isn’t working out for either one of us any longer, I will probably just look for another sugar baby.”

As you can see, sugar daddies are a varied and diverse sort, and it takes all kinds to fit into the role. How about you? Do you see yourself in any one of these sugar daddies or do you have your own unique story to tell? Do let us know!