Finding a sugar daddy – It’s not as easy as it seems! presents itself as an exclusive sugar dating website. However, as you browse the site, you are quick to find that there is nothing exclusive or very original about this website which would make it stand out in the sugar dating bowl. In fact, it looks very similar to other websites you may already have used as a Sugar Daddy. Based on my experience, this website looks like it’s just part of a network of websites that are designed to make you open your loaded wallet but don’t really deliver any real results. Please read on to find out why I only give this website a 1 star rating. Profile Building and Signing Up

The signing up and profile setting processes are very much the industry standard, as they should be. The basic information asks for at sign-up is username, email address, phone number – to be used in the mobile version of the site – and a physical description.

Membership is aggressively presented to you right at sign-up.This immediately proves that their claims of being a 100% free service are untrue. More and more aggressive sales pitches will be presented to you throughout the site if you choose to stick with a very limited basic profile, which really ruins the trial experience.

I have, also, found that Sugar Babies, in particular, have trouble cancelling their membership during the trial period and end up being charged the monthly fee for the website that they wouldn’t have subscribed to following the trial period. I subscribed willingly, so I can’t say what it would be like for a Sugar Daddy trial, but I imagine the same.

Subscriptions and Gold Membership

There is very little one can do in the three days they are able to enjoy the website for free. While setting up a profile and performing a Basic search is actually free, any other site activities are only available to Gold members.

Gold memberships are offered in 4 different subscription types, which are supposedly cheaper when you pay for a longer period at once. Gold membership privileges are very much what you’d expect from this kind of website. They are as follows:

  • Partaking in Live Chats and Instant Messaging with Sugar Babies
  • Live cam access, which is only available to members and quite a unique feature
  • Access to unlimited number of pictures as well as the ability to upload as many as you’d like
  • Ability to send and receive emails
  • Access to the smart detection feature, which should take out the work and find you an Ideal Sugar Baby based on both of your preferences.

There is something to be said about this last feature, because it pretty much works like any Perfect Match feature from other dating websites and apps, which is not what one comes to a website like Marry Me Sugar Daddy to find.

Search Results and Other Features

Non-gold members have little control  over the website, which seems to be constantly teasing them with what they can’t really have unless they purchase the membership. This continues even after you become a member, which is a bad practice.  There are, also, ads for other, theoretically, competing dating websites on Marry Me Sugar Daddy, which is simply strange, to say the least.

Another disadvantage is that you, as a Sugar Daddy, can message a Sugar Baby which isn’t a member, yet, but communication will always be one-sided unless she chooses to become a website member.

Still, I tried making a quick search and was once again unimpressed at the results. In fact, while most popular sites, which this one claims to be, usually present me with hundreds of Sugar Babies to choose from, I only found a couple pages of results on Marry Me Sugar Daddy.

More than that, I didn’t find the young Sugar Babies presented in the results all that attractive or interesting, so I can’t imagine why I’d spend my money on them.

The conclusion of Review

At the end of this obviously failed experience. I can only say that is nothing but a sad excuse for a sugar dating website.

None of its claims are true, to begin with, as the website is less than popular or exclusive. The claim that accounts are free is, also, a sham, which tends to draw potential Sugar Babies away from this website and makes it a poor value proposition when compared to truly free websites.

The result of so many false claims is that the website is a little vacant, and the pool of Sugar Babies available for dating is small and poor, especially compared to other websites.

The constant advertising is intrusive and very annoying, which really makes the user experience less than enjoyable, especially when you’re already paying to get full access to the website, which should mean you could use it as you please.

There are little ID verification measures in place on this website, and some of the Gold membership features are sketchy at best. The Live Cam feature, in particular, isn’t quite useful when you can’t engage with free users and members might be reluctant to show themselves to a total, unverified stranger on the internet, no matter how rich they claim to be.

I’ve had experience with other sugar dating websites, where I was able to build mutually beneficial relationships with gorgeous and sophisticated Sugar Babies, but I don’t think any of them would be caught dead on a website like this. I could, also, say the same of my peers and colleagues, some of which I know, also, enjoy sugar dating.

Overall, I don’t recommend to any Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babies out there, which is why I am giving it the 1 star rating. I can say with certainty, both from my personal experience and that of those I’ve discussed this subject with, both men and women, Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mamas, and Sugar Babies, that there are much better options out there which offer much better value for their subscription plans.

And if you’d rather spend your money on showering your Sugar Baby with gifts, you will be happy to know that some of these websites are actually completely free on both ends, so there’s no use in wasting money on this one.

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