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Millionaires are a very specific kind of people. They are the 1% of the 1%. And while most would likely tell you they’d prefer to have a relationship which isn’t based on money, some millionaires appreciate good arm candy, so they don’t mind having Sugar Babies. is catered to high-profile Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies with high expectations. The website promises to match these women with athletes, major CEOs, models and actors, just to name a few. These are definitely big claims. has a long history in this business, and it is preceded by its reputation, as it has made hundreds of thousands of successful matches and been featured in the media.

These days, the website has grown and built a community of millions of subscribers who use and recommend the service as a great place to meet a millionaire Sugar Daddy or a dedicated Sugar Baby.  The community can do more than just date on this website, as it offers relevant information about luxury topics and products, as well as, a blog with dating tips.  You shouldn’t, however, be fooled by the name, because this website allows rich men and women, who are not millionaires to enjoy its services, as well, so it’s definitely not as exclusive as may have been implied. Signing Up and Creating a Profile

Creating a Millionaire Match profile is simple and, at the first stage, free. All you need to do is add the basic relevant information, such as email address, gender, location and logically your income, as well.

After the first stage, you will be asked for information on a number of topics that range from your physical appearance, to education, religion, relationship status, and, finally, occupation, which is a lot more information than a lot of these sites care to ask for.  Profiles can, also, be enriched with headlines, information about your expectations and even a vídeo introduction, which is a feature these websites seldom offer.

The unique information you can find on profiles includes:

  • Pets, political stance, travel plans, etc.
  • Interests such as hobbies and favorite jokes
  • Questions that the Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy would like their matches to answer
  • Descriptive keywords
  • Video Web address
  • Relevance of match location
  • Up to 27 profile pictures

Other features are:

  • Ability to exchange instant messages and emails
  • Access to blog and forums
  • Age, education, occupation and photo verification
  • Ability to send and answer match questions, as well as send free winks
  • Access to Basic search options within the website to help you find matches instead of waiting for them
  • Option to create a profile based on personal Facebook profile, which should save you a lot of time when filling out your profile
  • It is open to the LGBT community and allows straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual relationships to take place on the site
  • You have access to a live chat should you need any support navigating and using the site

Now these are all the features regular Sugar Babies and merely rich Sugar Daddies have access to. If you want to be listed as a Millionaire, however, you have to go through a much more detailed sign-up and profile building process, which includes making a request for the Special Members Director to help you build and verify your Millionaire Match profile correctly.

Millionaire Sugar Daddies, also, have the option to have someone else like a representative or agent set up their profiles, which is a huge advantage because we all know that “time is money”, and while we have plenty of the latter, most of us lack the time, patience, or charm to complete an effective profile. And if we trust these people to craft our image in every other area of our lives, there’s no reason not to apply the same principle to online dating.

Subscription prices and membership

Basic sign-up is always free for Sugar Babies and non-Millionaire Sugar Daddies at least. This kind of account is limited, but allows you to have access to all of the features listed above.

There is, also, an option to sign-up for a Gold membership, which costs $70 per month and opens access to new features, such as, being able to initiate a chat, seeing who is a verified Millionaire, having access to the website on mobile, and being able to perform advanced searches, among a few other extra features.

Gold memberships can be paid in different subscription plans or earned through activities on and off the website. There is also a 7-day trial, after which you will be charged the subscription fee.

Verification Process and other Features

As a website that caters to Millionaires, takes all the necessary steps in order to make sure it only has authentic, high-quality members.  Each member, both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, goes through a detailed verification process, in which they are asked to submit their IDs and other documents to ascertain their age, education and occupation claims are true.

Millionaires, in particular, are asked to submit their financial and tax refund information in order to become verified, so that is something to be wary of for those who don’t want such information to become public. A Diamond icon will appear next to your profile photo if you’re a verified Millionaire.

Apart from the actual matchmaking, also offers:

  • Dating advice
  • Support from live counselors
  • Forums
  • Ability to know if your sent messages have been read
  • Video introductions and guidance

Search Results

There are Basic and advanced search options on this website. Filters for a basic search are age range, gender, location, and keywords. It is in the advanced search that Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies can find more meaningful information like their potential matches’ star signs, income, height, style, and whether they are verified members, as well as, many other filters. These filters are very helpful as they provide you with a very catered pool of matches to sort through.

My conclusion of Review

I had a very enjoyable experience with While the profile setting and verification process can be a bit of a hassle, all of these precautions make you feel a lot safer going into the pool of dating in this website as a Sugar Daddy. Of course the name of the website isn’t really consistent with how exclusive the membership really is, but that is likely far more disappointing for Sugar Babies than us, Sugar Daddies.

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