MissTravel.com: When you can’t travel alone

I consider myself to be a good looking, gentlemanly older man who travels constantly for business, as well as, pleasure, but I often feel lonely away from home and need some nice arm candy to bring along to social functions. Through MissTravel.com, men like me, who have the means to provide an enjoyable and luxurious travel experience, are meant to be able to find suitable Sugar Babies to take along on our world travels.

The goal of MissTravel.com is to connect over 800,000 generous and willing gentlemen Sugar Daddies with Sugar Babies who are free and yearning to see the world at their sides. This website allows couples to meet and travel together, but it serves more as a place to find an escort for travelling than an actual sugar dating relationship. Also, site categories aren’t very specific, even as far as gender, so it’s really hard to navigate it and find what you are truly looking for.  For the reasons above and the ones I will mention below, I will have to give MissTravel.com a 2.5 star rating.

MissTravel.com: Signing Up and Creating a Profile

This sugar dating website is unique in many ways. Here, both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies can propose a trip to other members. In fact, Sugar Babies can create their own trip requests, which gentlemen like us are welcome to fulfill. Before you can take part in any travelling, however, you need to sign up for the website and provide basic information such as a little introduction, your location, and what you are looking for on this website. All members of this website are required to fill their profile in completely and upload a picture before they can actually engage, which is a good basic safety measure, although not very strong. Profiles and their pictures have to be approved before members actually join the site, which adds some credibility to the procedure.

Other information that should be provided by Sugar Daddies is their travel plans, such as where they plan on travelling to, what kind of activities they and their Sugar Babies will be partaking in, and how long this trip is expected to last.

Some of the trip options available on the website are as follows:

  • Travel with Me – In this case, Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies meet in a location that neither of them is based in and travel together. This is the option you choose when you are looking for someone to go on a business or relaxation trip with you and serve as your escort and companion.
  • Come to Me – This is an option where a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Babe invites the other to stay over when they are visiting their location, such as if you find a Sugar Baby based in a location where you have a meeting but would rather spend the night at an actual home instead of a hotel.
  • Show Me Your Town – In this scenario, you invite a Sugar Baby to your hometown if she is visiting and needs some funding and entertainment, or if she simply would like to visit and get to know your location. It could also work the other way, but the Sugar Baby would be providing entertainment likely funded by you, her Sugar Daddy. This is also a good option to engage in if you’d like to get to know a Sugar Baby before taking her on official trips.

Subscription Prices and Trip Creation

Signing up and using the site is completely free for Sugar Babies, but Sugar Daddies must buy a Premium Membership, if they want to contact and engage in a relationship with Sugar Babies.

Sugar Daddies can opt for monthly, three and six months, and finally, yearly subscriptions. Sugar Daddies must be over 18 years old to buy a subscription.

When creating a trip on MissTravel.com, you can choose from one of three options. You can offer the trip by choosing “I’ll Pay for Us,” in which case you will be assuming all expenses, tell the other person “You Pay for Us,” in which case you will go on the trip for free or “Split the Trip Cost,” which is very much self-explanatory. As a Sugar Daddy, you are expected to choose the first and accept the second, depending on whether you suggest the trip or the young Sugar Baby does.

This concept has attracted a good number of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas who want someone to go on a trip with them, as well as, Sugar Babies, both male and female, who are willing to enjoy the best the world has to offer on the arm of a wealthy gentleman or lady.

Search Results

The search section of MissTravel is certainly not as useful as it could be. The main search options presented are to look for people living in the same area or people travelling to a certain location.  When you search for people in your area, the results will include Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mamas, and Sugar Babies. There is no filter for gender, only for who is paying for the trip. You can, however, search for certain age groups and ethnicities, for instance.  When you search by travelling location, results are automatically sorted by who was online most recently. Unfortunately, this search shows that most users don’t actually go on this website very frequently.

The conclusion of Review

In conclusion, this is a good website to maybe find someone to take on trips occasionally, but unless you maintain the relationship offline, that is all you get, as these Sugar Babies may take opportunities funded by other Sugar Daddies or even Sugar Mamas, if you don’t have anything to offer on a regular basis.

The security of the site is, also, questionable, as there is little verification of Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama or Sugar Baby identification, so you can never be sure of who you will be travelling with until you meet them face to face.  In short, this is a good place to find someone if you really need company for a trip or travel function, and this trip could be a good starting point for a mutually beneficial relationship, but that is quite unlikely, so as a sugar dating website I’ll have to give MissTravel.com a 2.5 star score.

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