Is She a Mistress or a Sugar Baby?

Am I a mistress? This is a question most new Sugar Babies have on their minds. Sugar dating is not designed to be very different from normal dating. Even though Sugar Babies know there is a high possibility that they are not the only ones in a Sugar Daddy’s life, some young Sugar Babies mind not being the only woman in a man’s life, but for others, exclusivity isn’t always a problem, particularly if they aren’t interested in becoming exclusive themselves.

For Sugar Daddies that are married, there can be a variety of reasons why they chose to have a Sugar Baby on the side instead of leaving their wife.  In this case, it can be extremely important to maintain the secrecy, but sometimes Sugar Babies find out, anyway.  Would you like to know how Sugar Babies know if you are married or you are currently seeing someone else? Here are various tricks or tips they rely on.

Paying Attention to Details

  1. When do you call? Do you call your Sugar Baby at regular times and only at those times? If you call during working hours, late at night, or when you are commuting, a woman will easily conclude that those are the safest times to call since you are trying to hide her from someone.
  2. Do you have many phones? Most professional Sugar Daddies tend to have several phones and devices: some of them are used for personal use while others are for business. Contrary to this opinion, most Sugar Daddies use multiple devices just to keep their personal life classified. If you go to such lengths with the aim of hiding things, it will not be easy for your Sugar Baby to know what else you are hiding and the reasons why. She could become mistrustful of you.
  3. Where do you meet up with your Sugar Baby? If she knows where you live and/or work but where both of you meet isn’t near there, then your Sugar Baby will know that you are trying to keep the relationship with her a secret. When you go outside your usual neighborhoods all the time, that can be a sign that you are trying to minimize the possibility of meeting someone you know. On the other hand, it could simply mean that you are a private person, and you don’t intend to have your social circles overlapping until you are more comfortable. Additionally, you will look like you are putting some distance between you and his other life for a reason.
  4. Do you use your real name or an alias? Typically, it’s an excellent idea to refrain from sharing real names on the Internet. This is an ideal way to protect yourself whether a person is a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby and if you are single or married. You can’t trust strangers; they can be very dangerous. There are many blackmailers, scammers, and creepy stalkers out there that take advantage of both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies. On the other hand, if you’re not willing to share any details or anything that can be used to verify who you are, your Sugar Baby will automatically know that there is something you could be hiding.

Most of these details, including many others can indicate that you are already married and searching for someone else on the side discreetly. There are various reasons a man may want to have secret secondary relationships, particularly with a Sugar Baby. You may have a society wife, who is someone who doesn’t make you happy at home. Or, your home life might have become too comfortable, and you want someone else who is more exciting. Or, you require someone you can travel with or keep you company in different cities you intend to visit. Apparently, it’s important for women to decide if they want to be the mistress, the other woman, before they can step into the sugar bowl. They need to know if it’s something they are willing to do or can’t handle. Not all Sugar Babies like being in secondary relationships or one of the many. And this is okay. It’s also okay if a woman isn’t bothered with being a mistress or one of the many.

Choose the Kind of Sugar Relationship You Would Like

Although for some Sugar Babies being a mistress is an issue, for others it’s not a bother. But, sometimes this might be specifically determined on the kind of sugar relationship the woman desires. It’s actually possible for people to have a sugar relationship that’s platonic. It may seem an unlikely possibility because of the stigma surrounding sugaring being mainly about sex. It should be noted that Sugar Daddies can be only interested in having a pretty pal, a person that doesn’t stress him like what his romantic relationships do. Most Sugar Daddies look for an escape from the stress of their lives and desire someone to relax and have fun with.

If a young woman is searching for a single Sugar Daddy, they need to put that out there clearly. It should be indicated on their profile, and they shouldn’t be afraid of discussing it with POT SD.  Most of them will be extra careful about looking for a prospective wealthy older man because most men are experienced and good at hiding secrets.

Ethically, it’s not easy to make this call, and there are multiple arguments for and against becoming a mistress. Some women are told that it’s morally wrong, and it breaks marriages up, while others say that it’s possible to love multiple individuals at the same time. Sugar Babies have to make this choice by themselves regarding their ethical boundaries and how far she can stretch them or if the boundaries are firm hard lines.

In case a young lady decides to have those hard lines, they will probably have a plan for dealing with married Sugar Daddies who pursue them, or who they find out have hidden the fact that they have a wife or girlfriends once they have entered into the arrangement. If they choose to avoid you because you are in a relationship, they will likely be firm about it. They will explain their reasons for losing interest in the sugar relationship with a person who is in a relationship. Some Sugar Daddies might not be accustomed to rejections and won’t believe that a young Sugar Baby isn’t willing to compromise.  They will put their needs and priorities first, so be sure to be smart to get that girl you desire most.