Saying a No to a Sugar Baby Effectively

Being assertive is a skill that some of Sugar Daddies don’t have, at least not when it comes to personal relationships or involving women. You are shy and timid in the relationship just because your Sugar Baby has more confidence than you. Assertiveness is an important skill that you should possess when attempting sugar bowl dating. One thing that will happen is that when your Sugar Baby is more confident than you, she might be the one controlling you, and you do not want it to come to that. In a blink of an eye, you’ll be nothing. You are not that young lad anymore to blindly fall in love. You want to feel the love but not be blinded by it. Do not just agree to some things just to agree or please her because I am pretty sure you would not have that money, if you had pleased anyone and everyone that came your way throughout your life. Let your no mean no because most of the Sugar Babies out there will take advantage of you, if your no means maybe or a potential yes.

Explaining your No

Being confident especially around a Sugar Baby who is more confident than you might be tricky especially if you are shy one, but never the less, you can always learn, that’s why we are here. A no doesn’t always have to come with an explanation and can come out in a positive way. You can always just say no with a smile but don’t grin. If it needs an explanation, and you don’t want to have hurt your Sugar Baby, maybe you can give her an explanation. A no on its own is a sentence which does not require any explanations. If you are saying no because she is requesting something against your personal rules, the no can always come with an explanation not to offend her. Let her know the no is because something you feel is not right.

A No Means a No

Let your no mean a firm no. At your age, I don’t expect you to be deceived by small flattering statements and give in. Of course, everyone disagrees on a something with genuine reasons, but you should be careful of saying no just to be assertive. Disagreeing on small things might just make you look like a Salt Daddy or a Splenda Daddy.

Be firm on your decisions and on this she will be able to respect you when you plan in the future. Remember it is not a must just to say yes just to please someone, not even your Sugar Baby. This will create a relationship based on respect and trust. Digest your decisions before giving a no or a yes, but do not say only what she wants to hear or what you think she wants to hear you say. You should say what comes from your heart after thinking it through. You don’t want her lying to you too just to please you, or your relationship will be based on lies. Just be firm with your no. Also, do not say yes when you mean a no. This can put you in a hard situation and make you look like a liar making you a Splenda Daddy.

Saying No Doesn’t Have to Be Negative

Don’t give that no with a grin like you are being smug about it. A ‘no, it won’t be possible’ always works. A firm no can always come with a smile and still be firm. Let your SB understand the no is not ill intended. No one likes to be turned down in a negative way. It is a mutual feeling because I trust you won’t like when she turns you down in a negative way. Do not look away or mumble the no like you are hiding something. Just look her straight in the eyes and give her the explanation if needed. Did someone ever try to talk to you while looking down or away or mumbling? You always feel that they are not being honest with you and, of course, you don’t want her ever to do that to you, either. Do not let the mood of the conversation change just because you two have disagreed. Positive disagreements are healthy in a relationship. Just engage her in another conversation and act like nothing has ruined the mood.

Offer Alternatives

At times the disagreement does not have to be just a no, but there can be an alternative proposed or a compromise. You may not be such an outgoing person, and the Sugar Baby’s requests could be relating to her wanting to go out or do more activities than you have been. With a circumstance like this, you could provide an alternative solution to the problem like staying together at home as she teaches you to cook because you remembered she told you she knows how to cook. Sometimes alternatives become better choices than the proposal, and you find that both of you like the alternative better. She might propose you two go out to a movie and because you are not much of fan, you instead propose to introduce her to some prominent people that you know during the weekend. You will find her liking that idea better than what she proposed. Take note that these are just examples, and you can probably easily find other options that are more suitable to your situation.

She Refuses Accept your No

Sometimes you get a POT SB and according to you she is not what you expected, but she cannot seem to take hints that you are saying no. For a POT Sugar Baby just a stern no will do. Do not continue the conversation. Give her a loud and clear no and try not to worry about hurting her feelings. If she persists, let her know that her lack of understanding or respect for your wishes proves that she is not a good match for you.  If she is already your Sugar Baby, and she won’t accept a no for an answer try explaining the reason behind the no, but only if it is needed.  If you feel you shouldn’t have to provide an explanation, let her know that it would please you if she would just accept the no and move on.  She pay pout at this point, and it would be best to distract her with something else because the longer you leave her to pout, the more unreasonable she might become. You can try being the gentleman you always are and engage her in another conversation like nothing happened.