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1 Dating Site for Women Seeking Sugar Daddies Review: Website to visit if you are looking to connect with rich men.

“It’s like regular dating – only better.” – you can see that definitely makes big promises, starting with their motto. The question you should be asking yourself now is whether SecretBenefits is legit and if they deliver, and that is what I’m about to tell you.

I’ve been browsing through sugar daddy dating sites and sugar daddy reviews to find the best option available, and found that many such sites are in fact just plain dating websites that really aren’t geared towards sugar dating specifically, though they offer that feature.

This sugar daddy site is the real deal, and they make it clear in their front page, by asking upfront whether you are a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby and offering no other relationship options.

Site maintenance and authenticity is very important for this company, and that is shown by the simple profile verification processes they subject each user to, so you can be as assured as possible that each profile is real and active.

My experience with this website was so good – close to perfection, even – that I am glad to give it a 5 star review and recommend it to Sugar Daddies trying to find a mutually beneficial relationship. My reasons are as follows:

Signup and Profile Creation

Signing up for site’s profile is free and easy. All the information you need to provide in the first stage is a valid email address, an original username, some physical features, and ethnicity.

One thing that the site makes very clear before you sign-up is that the site does not support nor endorse prostitution or similar activities, something which protects Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies from falling into relationships that are not, in fact, mutually beneficial, as sugar dating should be.

I braced myself for the Premium membership offer that most sugar dating websites present you with just right after joining, because usually that is the only step that is actually free, but it never came. Once again, this site proved to be true to their word, as the website is absolutely free to sign up, as well as, use as you please, at least for the Sugar Babies.

The next step after joining is to fill in some additional information like more specific physical traits, relationship status and your stance on smoking and drinking. I was surprised but also quite happy to see that they ask and provide information on whether a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby have any piercings or tattoos, which can be quite relevant information for a mutually agreeable relationship to work.

Another special profile feature is the ability to have secret hidden photos, which only a few chosen members can see. You have complete control over these, and can revoke the privilege to see them at any time you choose to.

Verification Process Review: Website to visit if you are looking to connect with rich men.

Although it is not required to upload a profile photo in order to browse the site, you do have to upload a profile picture and matching vídeo to have your profile verified.

The video intro idea is very original, as well as, helpful, and I do believe it is exclusive to this site, from my experience.

These are the two easy verification options, and it is advisable to complete both in order to make your profile credible. The first is to take a selfie which meets several requirements provided by the site. The second option is to make a quick video in which you say the phrase provided in the instructions. You can, also, add your own information in this video, as that is allowed.

Search Results

This website currently doesn’t offer a mobile app, but the site has many features that tend to offset this omission somewhat. The search feature is really quite capable, and searching for a sugar baby on this website is quick, easy and straightforward. There are several useful filter options which will help narrow down your results such as distance, ethnicity, hair color, body type, age, and photos. By default, Sugar Baby results will be sorted by who was active more recently, but you can also choose to sort them by distance or newest profiles, among other options.

There is a great pool of Sugar Babies to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised that I got thousands of results within a reasonable distance. More than that, I was able to find Sugar Babies of several ages, ethnicities, and body types, which really does provide options for all tastes.

It was at this point that I discovered that Sugar Daddies have to pay a small fee to actually interact with Sugar Babies and see their secret photos. However, this did not make me lose interest in the site, as I was able to gauge its potential before making the small investment.

You may also want to purchase credits in bulk as this will save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Although not quite as ideal as free credits, having a ready supply of credits handy will increase your enjoyment of the site.

Sugar Dating Dating Site for Women Seeking Rich Men

The verification process makes sugar dating on this site really easy and safe, as it excludes bots, fake profiles, and scammers immediately. With only real and relevant results, I was able to connect with several Sugar Babies and quickly find a good match for my preferences.

The blog, which is frequently updated with relevant information, is a great addition to the site, as it provides information and advice for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, so that they can build a relationship that satisfies them both. These features show that this site does care about its users and making the site as safe and useful as possible for those seeking a mutually beneficial sugar dating relationship.

Pricing Plans

  • 100 credits – $59.00
  • 500 credits – $169.00
  • 1000 credits – $289.00

My Conclusion of Review

My experience with it couldn’t have been any better. As you may have read on other Sugar Daddy reviews sites–and even on Reddit – the website is extremely simple and straightforward to use. It has also obviously been designed to provide a safe and secure sugar dating experience for both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.

It is a great website for both beginners and seasoned Sugar Daddies, because it offers a large pool of Sugar Babies to choose from, so you can find out what your preference is, and it also provides a lot of relevant information to guide you through your first sugar dating relationship. The fact that the community is also very open-minded and share the same goals also makes you feel comfortable and safe when entering a relationship.

Given the ease of use, safety and the pool of options offered, I can easily give this website – 5 stars. Although I am not quite ready to delete my accounts in other sites just yet, is clearly one of the best sugar daddy sites around, and I am confident that it will eventually become the only one that I will really need.

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    Jay S.

    (April 18, 2018 - 2:49 pm)

    Secret Benefits is the way sugar dating should be done! I’ve gone through my share of sugar dating sites over the past several years, and most have pretty much let me down in one way or the other. Many of the more established sites charge exorbitant fees for their services, and the expense was hardly ever worth it. The free and cheap sites where even worse and they really gave sugar dating a bad name.

    When I stumbled upon this site, it was everything I ever wanted out of a sugar dating service. Slick, professional, and very accommodating to its members, you really get the sense of being part of a community of adult dating aficionados. I’ve already had two highly enjoyable relationships with women I’ve met on this site, and I look forward to having more!

    Jennifer D.

    (April 18, 2018 - 4:04 pm)

    I had my initial doubts about Secret Benefits, but I’m glad I persisted in checking out the service. It was during my first few attempts to establish communications that I ran into a problem. Out of the maybe eight or nine messages I sent out, one came back with an obviously generic response. I had been around enough sugar dating websites to know the signs of a bogus account and this was clearly one of them. My suspicions were confirmed by the second message when I got a not-so-subtle “suggestion” to send money for a cam session.

    This was pretty much expected in any sugar dating site, but what made me decide to stick around was the response of the customer service team at Secret Benefits. After reporting the offending account to the support staff, I was pleased to get a personal reply with the promise to deal with the issue. The bogus account was deleted soon after, which was pretty impressive action in my book. Good job Secret Benefits! You just got yourself a new fan!

    Henry B.

    (May 11, 2018 - 10:59 pm)

    Secret Benefits is one of those sites that I had always passed over in my search for a sugar dating service, and I can tell you right now that I’m kicking myself for not giving them a chance sooner! All of those other sites–many of them much more expensive than this one–turned out to be a big waste of time in comparison. If I knew then what I know now, I should have just gone straight for Secret Benefits right from the start!

    But I’m here now, and that’s all that matters. In less than a week of browsing the site and sending out a few messages, I’ve gotten no less than five replies from some really drop-dead gorgeous women, every single one of which I would gladly take as a sugar baby! The way the site’s listings is laid out makes it really easy to hone in on the sugar babies that you think will be a perfect match for you. It’s a great site and I’m glad I finally tried it out!

    Sandi G.

    (May 12, 2018 - 3:39 pm)

    OMG! This is the sugar dating service that I have been waiting for all my life! Well…since I decided to become a sugar baby at least! I’ve spent countless hours on so many other sites only to be sorely disappointed with each and every one of them. I’ve even had to pay membership fees at a couple of site, which was a big waste of money, believe me. I should have just gone straight for Secret Benefits right at the start and spared myself a lot of grief!

    The best thing about Secret Benefits is that there are always loads of sugar daddies to choose from, many of whom conveniently live right in my city. The local singles scene here is strictly nowhere, so I was pretty surprised to find so many sugar daddies locally. But I’m the type of girl who takes it where she can get it, and I’m definitely glad that Secret Benefits gave me this opportunity to hook up with some truly great guys!

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