Staying Grounded: Managing Your Expectations As A Sugar Daddy

Becoming a sugar daddy could very well be one of the most exciting things that could happen to a man in his later years. After years of slogging through adulthood, raising children, and perhaps even weathering a disastrous relationship, hooking up with a hot young woman would seem like a refreshing change indeed.

Of course, life isn’t always so dire for everyone. But even those with a more rewarding and satisfactory life behind them would likely look forward to the prospect of having a relationship with an attractive young sugar baby. No matter what hand life has dealt you, having a sugar baby can only be seen as a positive thing.

Painting a less-than-accurate picture

Like all positive things, there is a caveat to entering into a sugar dating relationship. The main risk here is having a less than accurate picture of the relationship and its implications on the rest of your life. Sugar daddies certainly aren’t the only ones guilty of this ‘fault’. But the very nature of a sugar dating relationship somehow lends itself to the development of inaccurate assessments among its male proponents.

What are we talking about here? Mainly, it is the idea that many sugar daddies seem to have about the ‘perfection’ of their sugar dating relationship. It is way too easy to think that a sugar dating relationship is better than it actually is and that a sugar baby is as ideal as she seems. Although there are certainly instances wherein relationships are actually as good as they seem, it is more common to have an inaccurate assessment of the true nature of the relationship.

How sugar daddies delude themselves

There are many ways by which sugar daddies delude themselves into thinking their sugar dating relationships are better than they actually are. They may confuse the actions of their sugar babies as genuine affection, even though the women may simply be behaving in a way that they believe is appropriate to their role.

Sugar babies may be perceived to be more committed than they actually are. This is especially the case when sugar babies tell their sugar daddies what they want to hear. On the receiving end of sweet nothings such as a promise to be faithful and true forever, a gullible sugar daddy may take such utterings as the gospel truth.

In general, sugar daddies that have a less than accurate picture of their relationship confuse something more akin to a business arrangement for one that is based on love and/or romance.

Fear of reality

Fear of reality is perhaps one of the most common reasons why sugar daddies convince themselves that their sugar dating relationship is something that it is not. Think about it. With only the prospect of living a solitary life to fall back on, the idea of having someone special to spend the rest of your life with would be a tempting one indeed.

There is also the sense of living in a sort of “suspended reality” that being a sugar daddy brings. Having an attractive young woman who you could see almost whenever you wish reinforces the fairytale-like aspect of the relationship, almost as if you are playing house.

Unfortunately, these illusions are often just that, and they are rarely ever grounded in reality. When the relationship comes to an end and reality hits, the emotional results can be devastating.

Inability to move on

Things can get especially difficult when the sugar daddy is unable to move on. The unfortunate reality is that most sugar dating relationships are temporary at best, and it is rare that they last more than a few years. For a sugar daddy that has been counting on the relationship to see him through the rest of his later years, having it come to an abrupt end might be too much to bear. When this happens, he may experience feelings of guilt, abandonment, and rejection, and depression may set in.

Gaining perspective

Faced with this particular scenario, one of the things that sugar daddies can do to address the problem is trying to gain some perspective on the relationship. This can be done by consulting with friends and family members, or some other people that they trust.

Being involved in a relationship, it can be difficult for the sugar daddy to “see the first for the trees”. He therefore develops an illusory impression of the relationship and his sugar baby, without having the benefit of other people’s perspectives. By continuing to nurture and foster relationships with people outside the relationship, sugar daddies may be able to avoid falling into the trap of thinking that things are perfect, when they really are not.

Reassessing the situation

Sugar daddies should also develop the ability to reassess the situation periodically during the course of the relationship. This is something that should be done at every stage, and not just at the tail end of the relationship when things have already begun to sour.

By constantly assessing and reevaluating the situation, sugar daddies may be able to avoid the pitfalls of going through a relationship on auto pilot. They will therefore always be acting in a way that works to their best interests, instead of being helpless to the circumstances or to the whims of their partner.

Appropriate action

At some point, you will simply have to put your foot down and take appropriate action. As a sugar daddy, remember that you are actually in a position of power that practically ensures you of the upper hand in the relationship. Rather than use this power to control or subvert your sugar baby, it should instead be used to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want and what you need out of the relationship. Anything less would really be selling yourself short, and there is no reason why you should have to put up with a situation wherein you aren’t getting what you deserve. Maintain your self-respect and always look out for your best interests, and you stand to gain all the benefits of being in a sugar dating relationship.