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I have tried before, and today I am here to give you my review, from a Sugar Daddy’s point of view. I am giving this website 2 stars because I do see great potential for Sugar Dating on this website, but also many flaws. I encourage you to read this review if you want to learn more about my opinion on the website. Sign-Up and Profile Creation

Signing up on is very easy for a Sugar Daddy. Unfortunately, it does take time to do so. The first step is choosing to be a Sugar Daddie or Sugar Babe, as well as, whether you’re open to other kinds of dating beyond a Sugar Dating relationship, which are not actually specified by the site.

After that you start actually filling in your profile with relevant information like your age and education, appearance, physical features, as well as, your stances on smoking and drinking.

The next step is to provide information about yourself and your personality, including a small list of hobbies which you may have in common with your Sugar Babe.

It is clearly stated at this stage that Sugar Babe and Sugar Daddie profiles are subject to review and approval by the website’s admin team. This makes it impossible not to wonder whether there really is someone judging and vetting your profile before it is released on the website – not that it should matter, since you want your profile to be seen in order to find a match.

By the time you complete your profile, you are asked to verify your email and are then aggressively prompted to buy a Premium membership by the offer of a 15% off coupon which is only valid for 24 hours. A very annoying countdown clock will appear on your screen, if you choose not to sign up for Premium membership immediately.

Search Results

When you finally get access to the lot of available Sugar Babes, you will be disappointed to find that only pictures are presented to you at the main page.  Making a search query on this website is once again quite simple. Your search options include location, age, physical attributes and ethnicity.  The results are quick to appear, and they present you with pictures of women that fit your choices, along with their usernames this time. No actual information about the potential Sugar Babes is presented upfront though, so you’d actually have to click through each and every profile whose picture captures your attention to learn any meaningful information about potentials.

Adding more search filters would be quite useful here, since the Basic options provided don’t really exclude a lot of potential Sugar Babes, which means you can get thousands of results from one query. These results will take more time than you might want to spend on your Sugar Babe search, and you may end up without any promising matches, as you’re very likely to feel discouraged after browsing through just a few profiles that look less-than-promising after a brief inspection.

And as if that wasn’t a turn off by itself, you actually have to buy a Premium membership to be able to contact any Sugar Babes, which is a huge caveat.

Subscription Prices has only one Premium membership, but several payment options are offered. You can pay for Premium privileges monthly, every three or six months at a time, or yearly. The monthly subscription costs a seemingly reasonable $25.99 while paying for one year at once will set you back $149.99.

Sugar Daddie provides several payment methods including your usual online options, as well as, mail and phone payments. There is, also, a direct customer service line available for answering questions and giving advice.

None of the Premium membership features are advertised upfront, but they are easy to find on the website and include:

  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Instant messaging/webchat access
  • Ability to post more than the standard 12 photos
  • Opportunity to take part in forum discussions

Quality Score

One of Sugar Daddie’s unique features is its Quality Score, which evaluates users and their profiles on a number of different categories in order to assign them a score. This score will allow a Sugar Daddie or Sugar Babe’s profile to become easier to find and, in theory, help them make a perfect match on the website.

Members of the site are rated in several categories according to their activity and interaction on the website, and there are goals that should be met in order to get a good Quality Score, and in turn find a mutually agreeable relationship. These goals are, however, only feasible for Premium members.

One interesting, yet, unuseful feature is Meet My Match, where you will be presented with a random Sugar Babe, which might meet your search criteria, and you will have to determine whether you would be interested based on her photo, username, age, and location alone. This is a fun feature to experiment with, but isn’t very likely to result in truly perfect matches.

As silly as the Quality Score may be, it does encourage users to actually interact on the website and gives them an idea of how much effort they have been putting into finding a match. While it may seem silly to track user interaction this way, it is, also, true that they are more likely to find their match if they engage in website activities.

The conclusion of Review

To sum this review up, I have to say that Sugar Daddie has potential but needs work. It has features which are redundant and unhelpful like Meet My Match and the generic information presented upfront in search results makes it hard to find potential matches without spending hours reviewing endless profiles.

The pool of Sugar Babes available isn’t great either. These girls usually provide little and poor information on their profiles, and their photos usually don’t do them any favors. Browsing through all of them to find the one with a decent profile is so time consuming that it becomes a waste of energy.

In short, there are better and possibly less expensive places to find a Babe on- and off-line, so I’d rather not waste more time or money on this one and move my search elsewhere.

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