Sugar Daddy Dating Guide

Your 10 Step Guide to Becoming a Sugar Daddy

In case you have heard some things about sugar dating, but you are not sure how it all really works or how to get started, do not worry. We all have been there. When I first went for being a Sugar Daddy, it wasn’t even possible to find any good sugar dating guides out there. So, I decided to create my own guide. It covers 10 essential steps to becoming a successful Sugar Daddy. I’ll just present them briefly today, and later I’ll be covering in detail each one.


Step 1: Figure Out What You Really Need and Want

The first step is really important. Figuring out what you really need and want will save you trouble and time down the road. For this reason, it is recommended to take the time to decide on these things now. Before you even start looking for a Sugar Baby, there are several questions to consider. You have to decide what are you willing to give and what you need in your life. You have to figure out what kind of Sugar Daddy you want to be. These are just several things on the list of what you should consider. The answer to each of these questions may lead to other important things to take into consideration. By prioritizing the answers to these first questions in a list, you may learn somethings about yourself, too.


Step 2: Creating a Profile After Selecting A Sugar Dating Site

There many sugar dating sites out there, but not all of them are as good as one might like. Check for reviews and in case that a site feels unsafe or not legit, just go with your own instincts. In the beginning, it’s a good idea to register on multiple sites, until you decide which one you like the most. However, since as a Sugar Daddy you have to pay for your membership, choose the best one and stick with it. In general, on most of the sites, there are more registered Sugar Babies than Sugar Daddies. So, you have good chances to find your perfect match. In the case that you decide to create a profile on multiple sites, it is recommended that you create the same profile on each of them. Take care how you present yourself and include some little touches and details that make you unique and special. You may look for other Sugar Daddy profiles on those sites and learn from their wins and mistakes. Keep your profile interesting but short. Give realistic info about your income or wealth in order to be able to make the most beneficial mutual arrangement for both you and the Sugar Baby of your choice.


Step 3: Be Organized

Being organized is an essential quality if you want to become a successful Sugar Daddy. Until you find your perfect match you may be in contact with many Sugar Babies. They may know, intellectually, that they are not the only girl you chat with, however, it would be a big turn off to make the mistake of using the wrong name, reference something from the wrong thread of conversation, or make an incorrect interest reference. In order to avoid all these mistakes, you may use a spreadsheet program. List all the Sugar Babies you are in contact with by name and, also, include some pertinent details like what sugar dating site she use, physical features, age, and interests. You may, also, add any miscellaneous information that can help you remember her personality. In case that you have bad experiences with some Sugar Babies, you may also keep a list of these. Also, as you start dating some of the Sugar Babies that interest you the most, it is a good idea to take notes on dates and meetings and how well they went.


Step 4: Sending the Right Message and Making First Contact

Whether you are responding to a message from a Sugar Baby or reaching out to a potential new Sugar Baby first, this is your opportunity to stand out from the other Sugar Daddies. For this purpose, it is recommended to not just use a generic response. Check her profile and show that you have paid attention to her interests, her personality, and style. Don’t be afraid to show some of your personal style, too. Pay attention to good manners and grammar. An ideal Sugar Daddy will come across as a wealthy, poised, educated, and cultured man.


Step 5: The Phone Call – Second Contact

After you’ve been instant messaging and emailing with a particular Sugar Baby and feeling that you seem to have a connection, you should arrange a phone conversation. A phone call can give a better idea about her personality, since it’s harder to be scripted.


Step 6: Research

It is very important to research your potential Sugar Baby before asking to meet her. Young women may lie about many things. For protecting your privacy and reputation, you need to verify who the Sugar Baby is. Try to find as much info as possible before you meet her.


Step 7: Dealing With the Rejects

You can expect that not every Sugar Baby is going to be a match. Your needs or schedules may be incompatible, or your personalities don’t fit. You shouldn’t worry about this and focus on continuing your search.


Step 8: The First Date

Once you have found a Sugar Baby that meets your preferences and needs that you have thoroughly researched, and both chats and phone calls went well, it is time to date her in person. Choose attire that matches the type of person you have presented yourself as. Aim to look your best and arrange the first date somewhere public, like a park or restaurant.


Step 9: The Official Arrangement

After a meeting or two with a prospective Sugar Baby, if all goes well, it is time to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement. As a Sugar Daddy, you are expected to compensate her for her time and attention. You will, also, want your Sugar Baby to respect on her end of the bargain.


Step 10: Keeping your Sugar Baby

After you have found your young and sexy Sugar Baby, there is always a chance that your mutually beneficial arrangement may fall apart. You need to have ready a backup plan. Treat your Sugar Baby well and live up to your end of the agreement so that she has no reason to look for another Sugar Daddy. You should enjoy sugar dating with a young and beautiful Sugar Baby for many years if you follow these steps.