Step 3: Be Organized

In order to become a successful Sugar Daddy, good organization skills are a must. A Sugar Baby is most likely aware that she isn’t going to be the only one you are are in contact with. However, it would be a big mistake to reference something from a wrong thread of conversation, an incorrect interest reference, or even a wrong name. In order to avoid such mistakes, it is recommended to use a note taking app like Evernote, or a spreadsheet program such as Google Sheets or Excel.

You will need to list each Sugar Baby you are in contact with by name and, also, include some pertinent details like physical features, age, personality, username, what sugar dating sites she uses, and any other miscellaneous info that may help you remember her personality. This way it will, also, become easier to weed out bad Sugar Babies, and you can also make a list of those too. As you get more accustomed with the sugar dating lifestyle, you may, also, want to take notes on dates and meetings and the way they went.

You are most likely going to need to be meeting with many candidates, before you find your perfect Sugar Baby. When you are in between Sugar Babies and in search of a new one, you may often go to several short dates a night. You can make things much easier, of course, if you stay organized by keeping track of your busy dating schedule and all your dates.

Another useful app to have for a Sugar Daddy is a calendar app. When you decide to meet a new Sugar Baby, you should immediately log in your smartphone calendar app the date and time of any meetings. Especially when you schedule multiple meetups or dates in a night, you have to create a system that keeps very organized. When you will need to remember some details about every Sugar Baby you have to meet, this will really come in handy.

A possible way your system may work is to get your date scheduled under a yellow label if the Sugar Baby and you have started to talk about specifics without too much clarity to them, yet. If you just decide on a general night and have not gotten down to specifics, yet, then you may label the date with a red label. You may schedule the date with a green label if every last detail has been confirmed. This way of using a color coded system will help you easily know for when you have scheduled and what you have scheduled.

You will be able to quickly and easily know where you stand with any of your potential Sugar Baby candidates if you organize your schedule this way. For example, if a very promising sexy, young girl can only date you on a night when you are already scheduled for a date with some red-label potential candidate, then you will know how to safely reschedule which girl.

It is recommended to send a text to the Sugar Baby saying that you would be glad to meet her tomorrow in case that a potential date is red or yellow on the day when she would like to meet. This casual line will to let her know that you look forward to it and plan on meeting. By giving her the opportunity to confirm or reschedule, sending this simple text minimizes your chance of getting stood up. It subtly lets the Sugar Baby know that you intend to follow through on the date, and let’s her know you are thinking of her.

When you and your sexy, young lady have a connection on a dating site, it might be the right time to move the conversation to text or email. It is recommended to save her contact information onto your phone and in your database.  When she calls or when you need to contact her again, it will be important to have on hand all this information, so that you know who she is.

When, as a Sugar Daddy new to the lifestyle, you strive to stay organized, you will find eventually a system that is most suitable for you. It might be a good idea to try out different methods in order to find what works most naturally and the best for you. The information logged in your database can help you remember who the Sugar Baby is and how to find her profile on the dating site, no matter of the method used. Just find what works best for you as a method to keep track of everything and to refresh your memory.  You may already have a similar type of system for business contacts.

When you log the data for a new potential Sugar Baby for you, you will usually need to include her screen name, real name, location, age, physical features, interests, as well as, her range of allowance expected. You may, also, include some interesting quotes from her profile for those candidates who really stand out. You may want to comment on these quotes during your first date. This may seem like a lot of information, but it may come down to small details when you are comparing multiple potential Sugar Babies. This may help you make the best decision.

You will need to update your records by including new info, as you go on multiple dates and learn more about each possible Sugar Baby. For instance, your opinion of a particular Sugar Baby may change, so as you get to know her you should also change where she is ranked on your list.

As you get to know your potential Sugar Baby better, keep updating her information and don’t delete her information or text. That Sugar Baby may come back again even if you stop dating. If this is the case, it will be much easier to remember her if you already have a recorded history to look back on. You might even use your notes to compare and know who to avoid when you meet other Sugar Babies.

You should always review the information that you have collected about the specific Sugar Baby you are seeing, before going on any dates. Even if there are other candidates you are still considering, it is very important being able to act like she is the only one you are interested in. This way, you will find your right match before too long.