Step 1: Decide What You Really Need and Want

Being a Sugar Daddy looking for a Sugar Baby is no longer a niche idea, despite what you might think. There are already many sugar dating websites out there designed to cater to Sugar Daddies seeking mutually beneficial arrangements with a Sugar Baby. Busy or lonely rich Sugar Daddies can meet attractive and available young women from all over the world. Sugar Daddies are usually rich in wealth but time poor. For this reason, they might not have time for traditional dating or traditional relationships.

In exchange for being the main provider in the relationship, Sugar Daddies can get a customized relationship that is better matching for their present lifestyle. It is not easy to negotiate your way into the difficult sugar dating world. If you are a wealthy individual considering becoming a Sugar Daddy dating a young and attractive woman interested in older and affluent men, in order to enter this lifestyle you have to take several steps.

The first of these key steps is to evaluate and decide what you really need and want from the relationship. You have to know how to become a Sugar Daddy in the first place, beyond just signing up on your first sugar dating site. While being a Sugar Daddy is stigmatized sometimes, something of this nature is surrounded by a bit of a grey area. This lifestyle is so blurred and expansive that for many people this is a total mystery. In the world of sugar dating, to achieve your goals there is no one right way.

To decide what you really need and want from this lifestyle is a really important step in your journey. You may save a lot of trouble and time down the road if you take the time to outline these things right from the beginning. Before you even start your search for a Sugar Baby, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Among them, you need to decide what are your requirements, what needs you want to fulfill, what kind of relationship you are looking for, what are you willing to offer, what are the limits in what you are willing to provide, what is the age range you are looking for when searching for your Sugar baby, what time you can give a Sugar Baby, are you willing to commit exclusively to one Sugar Baby, how long do you expect your relationship to last and so on.

By creating such a list of questions and answers regarding to your sugar dating lifestyle, you can get an idea of what type of Sugar Baby you want. It is helpful to be as flexible as possible and to think of different scenarios. You must, also, consider what answers are the most important to you and where you are not willing to compromise.

By finding out what you really need and want as a Sugar Daddy, you will understand your real motivations for entering into the game. By answering those questions, you will, also, get to know what kind of Sugar Daddy you really are. This can help you find the optimal arrangement for you.

There are many benefits of the sugar dating lifestyle. However, each and every relationship is unique even with mutually beneficial dating. You have to decide what you are expecting from an arrangement before you start exploring the profile scene. You have to know your Sugar Daddy type in order to better understand your motivations, your needs and wants. If you know your type and your intention you can better get satisfied with the Sugar Baby you find. Here are several kinds of typical Sugar Daddy categories:

The John

A John is the usual definition of a man who sees an escort service in sugar dating sites. This is a wrong interpretation of the entire sugar dating scene and lifestyle. This type of Sugar Daddy is clearly misusing the site. From some Sugar Babies’ point of view, a John may even seem like a man who has ill intentions. The John could be easily be spotted because as soon as he begins a dialogue, he will start talking about “companionship” and make some offers for physical interactions. He will probably, also, start right away to get sexual via text by asking for nudes and so on.

The White Knight

The White Knight is, in a way, the total opposite of the John. By stark contrast, the White Knight is the type of Sugar Daddy who is not necessarily looking for sex. He rather enjoy the thrill of being in the company of an attractive and younger girl. He likely has more money, and he is quite a bit older. He probably doesn’t have close family members such as a wife and children, and he is just looking to spoil someone.

The Boyfriend

The boyfriend type of Sugar Daddy is a serial dater. He might have signed up for multiple dating sites out there. He is not necessarily looking for a Sugar Baby and a sugar dating relationship, but rather for a serious romantic relationship. He wants to do the right thing, and he is genuinely a nice. Even if he is not particularly looking for a Sugar Baby, he might be the perfect guy for a Sugar Baby who might interested in a traditional relationship and in a more committed relationship. If you are the boyfriend type of Sugar Daddy you has to keep in mind the fact that there are major differences between traditional dating and sugar dating. Be sure about what you want.

The Elitist

This Sugar Daddy type is well connected within the social scene and has a very high-profile career. Due to his social status and wealth, he feels entitled and untouchable. He doesn’t necessarily need a Sugar Baby’s conversations or value her opinion. Conversations with him will usually focus on his person and his life. He is very generous with allowance and gifts, but sensitivity and romance are not on his mind. This type of Sugar Daddy is typically looking for Sugar Babies who are submissive.

The Curious One

This type of Sugar Daddy is not to be confused with The John. He is just uninformed and new in the lifestyle. He is probably in the age range of mid-forties to mid-fifties and career wise has done considerably well. He wants to indulge in relationships with younger women, but he is not very interested in sugar dating. He is the type of Sugar Daddy who won’t stick around for too long.