Step 5: The Phone Call

Initially, it was just emails and the dating website messaging platform, however, with time as you continued putting in work for this new relationship to work out, you seem to have made a connection, finally, and she has given you her phone number. Before jumping straight into using her number in all the ways you know how, you need to be smart about the whole phone call factor. Before even setting up a face-to-face meeting, a smart Sugar Daddy will compose himself and should arrange how he’s going to do the next few call phone conversions with his new SB. Emails or even chats may be an easy thing to come up with and send to partners. They can even be edited or unoriginal and, yet, they’ll still apply. However, a phone call will give you both a better understanding about each other’s personality and preferences in life. In other cases, the phone call can let you know that you’re not as good of a connection as you thought, and it’s better to know that before going through the fuss of a first date and then having it end up being awkward.

When you have sparked the interest of your potential Sugar Baby, and you’ve got a correspondence going on, she might give you her number or ask for yours. At this point you have the perfect opportunity to move the correspondence to text. This is very good as this means that she wishes to get deeper into the new relationship, get to know you better, and is interested in becoming your Sugar Baby.  You should already be prepared for this step in your relationship.

One thing you need to put in place once you have a POT SB’s phone number is getting an extra cell phone that will specifically be used in communicating with your Sugar Babies alone.  This will protect you from giving out your real phone number that can easily be used to possibly harm or threaten you.  A disposable extra phone will, also, be easily abandoned should some nagging or unpleasant SB come in the picture.  One, also, can opt for a VoIP option like Skype.  Another option can be to use an app which gives your own phone a second number.

In most young Sugar Babies’ experiences, the Sugar Daddies often ask a SB to send their picture, a selfie, to prove that the phone number is accurate, so don’t feel bad for asking for your SB’s picture. There is no harm in asking. It is merely fair game so you can confirm she’s who she says she is from her profile. You don’t have to be afraid to be yourself when you are texting her, as well. It is difficult to read context by text. However, you can keep it fun and throw in some exclamation points and emojis to express yourself. This will let your Sugar Baby know how pleased you are to be chatting with her and how excited you are to meet her.

It might sound frightening meeting a totally new person, who you’ve never met before, and even more so when you’ve only met on a dating site. Your instincts should always come first. If you think there is something off, or you feel something weird about a certain Sugar Baby, then you should not meet her. You will find another Sugar Baby that will be interested in you. In the era of emails, instant messaging, and texting, it is possible to not have a phone conversation. However, when it is about dating, especially online sugar dating, the conversations through phone are still an innate part of the dating process. Essentially, you have to first hear your Sugar Baby’s voice before meeting up with her.

In addition, merely making a call through phone is nerve racking, especially when you have never meet this particular person before. The very first impression you make over the phone conversation is truly important. Different from an email correspondence, you cannot ever “delete” anything that might not sound right. So here are some tips that can aid you to get through that first ever phone call with your Sugar Baby and set that date.

Keep your phone fully charged.

This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to get busy and forget.  If your phone is at even half power, it might be a good idea to plug your phone into a fast charger for the duration of the call.  It could be disastrous if your phone call was cut off abruptly.  This could give the impression that you are not truly serious about furthering the relationship or that you are simply irresponsible and careless.  A good Sugar Daddy doesn’t want to be seen as any of these things.

Make your SB as comfortable as possible.

Ensure your conversation keeps going by making sure you fill any awkward silences.  You can let the Sugar Baby know that you are happy to be speaking with her. You can put her at ease by commenting on her conversational skills. The more relaxed you two are, the better and easier your conversation on the phone will be.  Just make sure that you don’t babble foolishly.  If the conversation is truly flagging, it might be best to end it.

Be detailed.

Your replies must not be too short. Utilize the questions your Sugar Baby asks you because this is the time you can tell her something truly interesting about yourself. If she says “How was your day”, you can say something like “It was awesome. I had lunch with an old business friend at his sushi bar, and now I am talking to you!” With this, you’ll have told her three things compared to “It was good.” So, the three things are that you like sushi, you like keeping in touch with your friends, and you are happy to talk with your new Sugar Baby.

Always be cheerful.

Although the conversation might not go as planned, you have to keep your tone exuberant and light. Keep in mind that they cannot read your facial expressions while you’re having a phone conversation. Your voice is the only thing you can give for the other to go on. It is very important that your Sugar Baby cannot read any boredom, annoyance, or hesitation in your voice.

Your replies can come in form of questions to her.

To know your Sugar Baby better, you can show her you’re interested in her by turning questions to her. With the above example, you can ask her a variety of question, like “And how was your day?”  “Do you like sushi?”   By this, the conversation will just flow freely and naturally. You have to avoid some awkward silences while having a conversation with your Sugar Baby.  You are responsible for keeping the conversation going, not her.

Be polite when ending the phone call.

If you think the pace of the conversation is getting slow, you can politely end the conversation. Women are sensitive people. Be genuine as much as possible, while still letting the conversation close as naturally as possible, but still clearly coming to an end.  You can end the call by arranging the time for your next conversation or let her know you’ll message her soon.  Ending on a positive note with plans for continuing the relationship will keep her interested.