Step 6: Research

Now that you’ve made up your mind to take a dive into the sugar bowl, as a wealthy older man, you need to make sure that you are safe with your wealth in the cyber world. It should by now be obvious that you’ll be a target for many legit and fake Sugar Babies, who will want a piece of cake from your plate. With this in mind, it is therefore strongly suggested that any Sugar Daddy ought to do a strong background check and online research on any POT SB that comes along before taking things far in terms of your arrangement and all. You need to know how important research is, and as a successful businessman, you know how important it is to do research on potential investments and this is no difference. You need to always do this before agreeing to meet your prospective Sugar Baby.

You’ll have to verify as much information as you can about your potential Sugar Baby. After doing so, if you come up with any discrepancies in her profile or her story, she might be lying about something else very important. Do not be afraid of confronting her about it. In the world of sugar dating, there are some Sugar Babies who do not live up to your expectations.

For your own Sugar Daddy safety, below are a few tips that you need to always consider before setting a date with your POT Sugar Baby.

  • Collect as much Info as you can about your POT SB. You need make use of the online dating service’s features, if there are any used in making background checks on your POT SB. There is a high demand for safety precautions within the online dating community and especially online sugar dating. There are a lot of platforms that have implemented verification processes and such features can make it easier for online users to know whether or not their matches are promising as they appear to be.
  • You can check out your Sugar Baby’s profile to see if their profile or photos are verified. This feature asks users to submit these for verification purposes. Once they’ve passed, this will be indicated through a verification badge that appears on their profile, which indicates that they are who they say they are. If the service does not have this kind of feature, then you can attempt to ascertain the legitimacy of an image by using Google’s reverse image search tool. This will yield search results on any similar photos on other web sites or pages. Meaning that if your Sugar Baby has stolen any photo from another user, Google can help you investigate and discover it.
  • Use other social media channels for verification. Of course, this does not mean that you are stalking your Sugar Baby over the Internet. Even though this might not be your usual stuff, it is a good idea to dig into your potential Sugar Baby online interactions. If she appears to be normal on social media and in her activities, she might be who she says she claimed to be. However, many profiles on social media are set to private, so it is still worth checking the “about me” details listed on their sugar dating profile and do a quick Google search to see if there is a similar variation or the same information that pops up on other social media sites for other people or if it’s the same person or name used.
  • Do more than one platform verification. Even though this kind of checking on each search engine is an easy way to perform research, the results may not always be accurate, especially when the Sugar Baby has a common name. Or if she’s the one that has been copied. There are some online dating services that do this work for you, like Tinder, which allows users to connect their Instagram account to their profile or some online dating services that lets matches browse through their Instagram images and videos. This is to let potential matches get to know the person more and verify who they claim to be.

Consider ordering a complete basic background check.  People may think that doing a background check on someone you wish to meet through an online sugar dating services is invasive or excessive. But using a people search service can be a big help in knowing your prospective Sugar Baby. A people search service site can do a number of things that come in handy for Sugar Daddies. A comprehensive report about a certain person’s previous addresses, date of birth, age, aliases, relatives, and phone numbers can aid you in determining if the person is who she says she is. However, there is a fee for this kind of report, but it might be worth it.  If you want to know how good a background check service might be, you can run it on yourself first to check the veracity of the information provided, and to know what there is for Sugar Babies to find out about you, too.

The bottom line is that you should not rush out to meet any potential Sugar Baby before you are sure of who she is. You may be tempted to quickly set your first date after a couple of conversations, but you should resist this urge. As relationships do tend to go faster online, wait at least a week or so before you meet face to face. Be cautious, and listen to what your instincts are saying to you, as well as, using your good common sense.

If you should find out that a potential Sugar Baby is not who she says she is, you should take note of it.  You should stop all contact and warn any other Sugar Daddy’s that she may know or on forums for Sugar Daddies.  You should, also, take note of the warning signs that someone is lying in case you come across someone else trying to pull the same tricks.

If you do agree to meet a POT Sugar Baby in the end, make sure that your first meeting is in a public place and observe his behavior carefully. It is vital that you have an enjoyable experience on your first date as you get to know each other better. However, you must end everything at once, if you feel there is something off.  On the other hand, if you find that everything about her is verifiable, and you connect well in person, then it is time to move on with the next step and enter into the mutually beneficial relationship that you have been hoping to find all along.  If all goes well with the first few dates, then you are well on your way to a better life as an official, legit Sugar Daddy.