Odd extra fees and the expensive membership subscription fee

Among the sites reviewed by us so far, the website is, supposedly, the world’s largest sugar dating site, so far. It claims to already have more than 4 million members and more Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies are signing up every day. It is, also, among the oldest sugar dating sites out there. However, it is not so clear whether all of those member profiles are real accounts or active. Among the downsides to the dating website are its odd extra fees and the expensive membership subscription fee. However, I found the website having lots of potential and for this reason our review gives it 3 stars. Signing up and Creating a Profile

It comes as a surprise the fact that signing up for a Sugar Daddy profile on the dating site Sugar Daddy for Me is a bit longer than on other similar sites. The vast majority of sugar dating sites are providing a quick sign up process in order to allow users to get started more quickly. Sugar Daddy for Me asks at first some questions like whether you are a Sugar Mama, a Sugar Daddy, a Sugar Baby boy or a Sugar Baby girl and several other options. They even ask whether you are looking for an extramarital affair. Then the sugar dating site asks for other general information such as your age, location, age, income range and general features. After you are done with creating your profile, you are asked whether you want to upgrade your account for a monthly prescription. The push to buy a premium account right after signing up for the site is not practiced only on this sugar dating site. It seems that is a common trend on most of the sites of this genre. However, this can be a turn off for many new users who prefer to fully explore the dating prospects before making any purchasing decision for paid membership. This is one of the reasons why our Sugar Daddy For Me review could not garner more than 3 stars.

Subscription Prices

Most sugar dating sites offer a upgrade for accounts. However, in case of the Sugar Daddy for Me dating site there are more type of upgrades, plus an extra, rather odd add-on. The sugar dating site offers two types of premium accounts, gold and silver. You are required to pay $34.95 a month for a gold membership or $29.95 a month for a silver membership. You, also, have to pay an additional $5.95 administration fee that is charged regardless of your monthly membership type. This means that, in reality, you will pay $35.90 for a Silver membership or $40.90 a month for a Gold membership.

Features offered by a Silver Membership:

  • Chat / instant messenger
  • No messenger history
  • Limited e-mail storage
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • E-mails stored for two months
  • Unlimited photos

Features offered by a Gold Membership:

  • All the features offered by a Silver membership
  • Messenger history
  • Unlimited e-mail storage
  • Fast profile approval
  • Profile highlighting
  • Smart match detection e-mails
  • Top placement in searches

There is another additional fee in addition to the membership subscription fee. This extra fee is called Total Access by the Sugar Daddy for Me site. Total Access lets non-paying members contact other members (ie paying members) and reply to emails for an additional $14.95 a month. In order to access the site you have to provide credit card information and select a membership option. Even if you choose the three day free trial of the Gold membership, you will still be required you to submit credit card information. In case that you do not cancel your membership when the trial is over, the site will bill you right after. There are users who complain that the site refused to cancel memberships before charging for the first month. This means you need to be sure you really want to sign up to this sugar dating site before committing to a high monthly subscription.

Search Results

Sugar Daddy for Me provides the usual searching functions based on filters. When performing a search for Sugar Baby profiles on the site you can find many attractive young ladies. As a Sugar Daddy looking for a perfect Sugar Baby, I’ve seen many that look like good candidates. According to the posted tracker, their Sugar Baby profiles look to be active. However, you need to be aware of the fact that some other reviews of the site claim that they have found many scammers, fake profiles, and ghost profiles. There are, also, good reviews coming from Sugar Daddies happy to find on the site a great mutually beneficial match. Because they had such a good experience and were able to find an attractive Sugar Baby, many of these rich Sugar Daddies are genuinely confused by other bad ratings.  I suspect that this means there are a lot of fake Sugar Daddies on the site, which makes legit Sugar Daddies look bad. The site requires a lot of work to clarify the issues and sort things through the bad to find the good.

Conclusion of Review

My review gives 3 stars to the Sugar Daddy for Me dating site. There are many active and great looking Sugar Babies profiles to be found on the site and many Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby couples claim that they were able to find each other and enter into a mutually beneficial dating relationship with the help of the Sugar Daddy for Me dating site. The site seems truly beneficial especially for rich older men who were looking to date young and attractive Sugar Babies, however, the negative reviews about fake Sugar Daddy profiles is likely to scare away the best Sugar Babies. There are, however, some other downsides to this site as well. For instance, the site is expensive with its administrative fee, plus its odd Total Access fee added to its already high monthly subscription fee. It is really odd to ask subscribers to pay in order that non-subscribers to have access. The site’s customer support services are not among the best. But despite all these issues, the Sugar Daddy for Me site is worth taking a chance if you are a Sugar Daddy looking to find your perfect match.

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