Sugar Daddy Restaurant Etiquette

Maybe you are the type of man who has been to upscale restaurants, frequently, and maybe you haven’t ever been closer than a wistful glance. Even if you have been to plenty of upscale places, a quick review of restaurant etiquette is worth looking at. After all, you want to be able to show your Sugar Baby or potential Sugar Baby that you are of class and that you value them as their darling, or rather soon to be. There are various tenets that you must have so as to have good restaurant etiquette.

What to Wear

Just like any other date, the dress code tells a lot. How one dresses will tell you who that person is. As a Sugar Daddy there are things that you would love to wear so as to create a good image towards your potential SB. At times the dinner is in an upscale restaurant, and you are required to put on your best manners and being sharp could do you good. However, what you wear or rather whatever you will choose to wear depends on the place that you are going for the dinner.

If you are new to sugar dating, you should take a close, hard look at your wardrobe. What does your wardrobe say about you right now? Consider what you want your clothing to convey to your Sugar Baby or potential Sugar Baby. While we don’t want to say it’s all about the clothes, think of them as the wrapping paper on the gift (that would YOU). You want simple, classic wrapping that lets the receiver know they are getting a valuable, fantastic gift. Your look should let her know that you are a rich Sugar Daddy who is there to treat the Sugar Baby with whatever she wants, at times what you wear can tell a lot about your manners especially for a guy. Being neat and decent will be a plus one for you on that date.

In as much as you want to prove how you are the best in the game, you should, also, be able to check your wardrobe. Here you have to be certain that you have the right choice of the clothing. Perhaps when you are choosing the dinner date, you should, also, consider what you want to wear ahead of time. As a man grooming isn’t a lot of drama, unlike the ladies, but it’s still something that you should spend a little extra time on. Good appearance from the head to the toe nonetheless helps in boosting your esteem, and this may help your confidence even if you aren’t the type to talk much. Having enough confidence might make her overlook your downsides. As a potential Sugar Daddy you are in a position to either appear in the best way that you want to be viewed by your Sugar Baby. Therefore, how you dress speaks visually to the potential SB and might help her in making a favorable decision towards you.


Keep in mind accessories to go along with your outfit – that means one or two pieces of subtle accessories will work. As a wealthy older Sugar Daddy simplicity but with elegance will work to you benefit. Always dressing for the occasion is the most important thing. You want to show the new Sugar Babe that you are wealthy, but that doesn’t mean you should over accessorize, for instance a lot of chains or rings aren’t necessary. Creating a good impression to the potential Sugar Babe is the main aim, however, you should, also, know what to wear depending on the type of date, so  you can be comfortable and blend in for the occasion.

Table Manners

It’s probably obvious that the traditional dining rules that you learned before apply here: napkin on your lap, take small bites, don’t talk with your mouth open, and be polite to the wait staff. While it’s perfectly acceptable to drink on any date, be careful to not ever get drunk! Not only do inhibitions often go out the window, but you want to be in full control of yourself. Table etiquette is paramount as it creates a visualization of how one is brought up. A young Sugar Baby is easily impressed with how you carry yourself because it shows that you are responsible and a man full of class and this may boost your points into winning the lady.

When you are going for dinner or rather a first date with your potential SB, you should act as a gentleman especially when she is approaching to sit. Pulling out her chair is a sign that you are quite attentive, and that you are able to handle a lady in a respectable manner. In addition to that whenever you are at the table it is a good idea for a Sugar Daddy to ensure that the young Sugar Baby feels comfortable and isn’t feeling intimidated by you. This will help both parties to be real for instance, when you want to order food, choose what you know rather than choosing a meal just for trying it out. A lot of ladies may want to impress you while with others it’s vice versa. Encourage the lady to eat whatever she’s comfortable with and not worry about the price.


All or almost all of the Sugar Babies will try to impress you on the first date, and one way is through the amount of food they will order or lack thereof. When you are taking the lady for a date ensure that she is able to feel free to order as she pleases without concern for cost and without concern that you’ll be monitoring how much she eats. Encourage the Sugar Baby to eat a healthy amount of food. Being real is the most important thing that can lead to a Sugar Baby anticipating the next date. Therefore you should order the kind of food that will also make the lady feel comfortable eating it with you.

Leaving the Restaurant

If this is your first date together, feel free to give a heartfelt hug, but do not feel pressured to do anything else with a POT SB. You can even give her a goodnight kiss, if she is okay with it. While many people may have sex on the first date, I highly discourage this with sugar dating. If it’s a first date, you want to get to know each other and let her know that you are a man who doesn’t just hook up with anyone. This, also, lets her know that there are much better things to come!