Sugar Daddy Screening

How will you differentiate a real Sugar Baby from a scammer, a wannabe, or even a fake Sugar Baby?  This can be a little tricky for newbies in the sugar dating world especially when the excitement of a new relationship kicks in especially if it’s to be a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship. Men, you should always be careful because just because you’ve landed yourself a potential Sugar Baby, it does not automatically mean that she is to be what she is portraying to be on her profile. She may not be a legitimate, real Sugar Baby.  How can you identify a real Sugar Baby from the scammers? Those that are the real threat and a serious Sugar Baby who is ready for a hookup?  With a few tips in the following article, you’ll be able to easily to figure it out.

Escorts & Prostitutes

Of course, there will be a number of fakes or scams that are going to be obvious right from the beginning.  The most recognizable are any ‘Sugar Baby’ who will immediately agree to sexual intimacy even before you meet or even after meeting, have outright lustful compliments and other inappropriate demands at their first messages to you.  These are signs that this isn’t a real Sugar Baby, but instead someone looking for a pay-to-play type relationship.  Likely, she’s an escort or even a prostitute looking for a new mark.  You shouldn’t respond to any such kinds of messages or people as they know nothing about the sugar dating world. You may as well block, and/or report them, if you have an option for doing so.  Most sugar dating websites have policies against their sites being used by escorts or prostitutes and appreciate being notified.

Porn Feeds & Cam Girls

Other important red flags can include some offers to have you view some other website, usually a porn site or a cam site.  These girls, if they are girls, are just trying to find customers or drive views or clicks to their websites.  They may entice you with alluring texts and promises of a sexual nature.


These will sound too good to be true.  They will be everything you are looking to find in detail, but then they will act like Craigslist scammers who come requesting you provide a list of your personal information.  While young Sugar Babies need to be able to check you out to verify you aren’t a scammer, either, there’s a difference between relevant information and anything too private, such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, or tax ID numbers for businesses.  This should make you suspicious about their intentions. They’re not legit Sugar Babies!

While sugar dating sites are meant to help wealthy older Sugar Daddies hook up with beautiful young Sugar Babies or find each other, determined scammers, creepers, and pervs, in general, will still find a way in to lure both unsuspecting Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies. If you come across such users on your profile who are nagging you constantly and seem more than just hopeful, you must report such cases to the dating site immediately.  Have with you a log of these conversations as these fakes may often create hundreds of fake user profiles on these dating sites, which stupidly will even have a similar about me information, profile pictures, or the same taglines and can be found and shut down.

Foreign Scammers

You need to, also, be wary of contacts from Sugar Babies who claim they’re someone important from a foreign country, and they need you to help them contact another person in the U.S., to do funds transfers, or those who have the poorest English grammar, yet, their profile states that they’re from the U.S. If you see anything like that, there’s a good probability, they’re just scammers.  It is likely true that they are from another country, which makes tracing them or attacking them legally very difficult.  If you are even a little bit suspicious, you should stop all contact and block the profile.

Verification Services

As a wealthy Sugar Daddy, you should always ensure that your privacy is your first priority.  To curb scamming on sugar dating websites, most of these sites have now placed a built-in verification process, but even these can be fooled.  However, if you aren’t sure their verifications are enough, there are ways that you can validate your potential Sugar Baby’s info yourself. While one may try getting a legitimate free background check using Google, one would be better off with a paid platform like  This particular website gives an unlimited number of searches for just $28.42 a month or $59.67 for 3 months.  Doing a background check will allow you to get their contact information, their relatives, home address, associated people, bankruptcies, criminal/civil court cases, and their related social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  From this, you may use the information to confirm who there are and maybe some other information from what they’ve posted on social media that could tell you what kind of person your POT SB really is.

Review Messages

Before or after running a background check, it’s always a good thing to remember to spend some time getting to know your POT SB by going through your emails, texts, messages, chats, and most importantly, through your video chats with each other.  You should check for inconsistencies in her information or information that is repeated too much, which could indicate you’re speaking with a bot.

Sob Stories

Many Sugar Daddies are looking for someone that they can take care of, which means they have sentimental feelings towards women.  Smart scammers will use this against rich older Sugar Daddies by creating fictitious situations that are meant to invoke protective feelings in a potential Sugar Daddy.  These stories are just meant to string you along until you provide the funds they want, and then they vanish without a trace.

Keep Records

When dating in the sugar bowl, you should keep records of all interactions, not just to keep an eye out for scammers, but to stay organized so that you remember who is who, whether it’s who is on the keeper list and who is on the reject list.  Remember to always keep copies of all the conversations, you’ve had with anyone you’ve met on any Sugar Daddy dating sites and ensure you prove everything she mentions, like where she lives, works, and, also, her interests.  If she’s lied about something rather mundane like her interests, she might be lying about other things.  If she contradicts herself the next time you talk about whatever she had said before, you should be suspicious and very careful about continuing with this POT SB.

When talking with her on video chat or even in person, you need to take note of her facial expressions, and look out for any kind of hesitation or signs of discomfort with your questions, like pauses, wandering eyes, fidgeting, slight frowns, or even fake smiling too much, these can be a clear indication that she is faking something and making up stories.

Trust Your Instincts

No matter how clean your POT SB background may check out, if your guts tell you something isn’t adding up, even if you don’t have a logical reason for it, always believe your instincts.  Scammers are very smart, especially online. Just because a person does not appear to have a criminal record, it doesn’t automatically mean they haven’t engaged in any illegal activities.  It may just mean either she hasn’t been convicted of a crime, or she hasn’t been caught, yet.

Whenever you feel uncomfortable through your online communications about a certain Sugar Baby, even when you meet in person, politely but firmly drop contact with them immediately with no hesitation.  Even if your suspicions are groundless and incorrect, if you’re uncomfortable or not sure, you may be unable to cultivate trust and a satisfactory relationship with your SB, so it’s not worth making the attempt.