Does Sugar Dating Deserve The Bad Rap?

Mention “sugar dating” to a group of people and there is a good chance that most–if not all–of them will have a less-than-favorable reaction. Like it or not, sugar dating has a somewhat unsavory reputation with many people, whether or not they actually have any first-hand experience with the lifestyle.

More than just sex

The truth is, a lot of people that have a negative view of sugar dating haven’t actually tried it out for themselves. It seems that for many people, sugar daddies are simply paying sugar babies to have sex with them, which isn’t necessarily always the case.

Now we would be remiss in not acknowledging that many sugar daddies do indeed simply want to pay a hot young woman to be their sexual companion. Many sugar dating relationships are therefore little more than long-term escort services, in which the sugar babies are paid to provide sexual services to their sugar daddies.

But there is often a lot more to sugar dating relationships than that. Many sugar daddies are actually more interested in companionship than sex, and they may form an entire relationship in which sex doesn’t even enter into the picture.

The sugar baby viewpoint

On the part of the sugar baby, some are also equally guilty of simply providing sexual services in exchange for monetary compensation. But again, this isn’t the case for all sugar babies. A growing number of independent and enterprising young women have turned to sugar dating as a way to legitimately make some money while working toward some other career or life goal.

Jenna is a good example. An intelligent and charming woman of 23, Jenna saw sugar dating as a way to pay off her college loans while figuring out how to break into her chosen profession. For an aspiring management consultant such as herself, sugar dating is a great way to make some money on the side while learning essential skills that would be beneficial to her as she embarks on her career path later on.

Sugar dating as social experimen

Maddie also has her sights set on a more ‘socially acceptable’ career later on. A stunning 24-year-old with an infectious personality and a taste for adventure, Maddie is a trained sociologist who sees sugar dating as a way to learn more about people in a way that she never would have in college. She also acknowledges the benefit of making money to support herself while working toward her future goals. Furthermore, she admits to finding the sugar dating lifestyle fun and exciting as well.

These are only two examples of some of the women that have a proactive and positive outlook toward sugar dating. For these and many other sugar babies, sugar dating doesn’t necessarily have to entail being taken advantage of, or engaging in any type of sleazy activity against their will.

A sugar daddy speaks up

But what of the sugar daddies? From the perspective of the typical men who enter into this type of arrangement, are there any redeeming qualities to sugar dating? James believes so. A 60 year old divorcee who was married for more than 30 years has found a new lease on life in the relationship he shares with Sherrie. The couple has been together going on three years now and things couldn’t be any better.

“I wasn’t really keen in on becoming part of the singles’ scene after my divorce”, said James. “The typical image of the older man going out to the nightclubs wasn’t something that interested me, and I definitely wasn’t into the fast and flashy lifestyle.”

“That said, I did want to maintain an active social life, and to meet new and exciting people”, James continued. “I found that sugar dating was a great way to keep myself socially active without having to go through the dating circuit.”

Love in an unexpected place

For sugar daddy Hector, finding his true love in sugar baby Heather was a total surprise. “I was eager to meet hot young women when I tried sugar dating for the first time”, admits Hector. “After my wife of 25 years passed away, I felt that I had to take steps to get out there and work off the loneliness.”

“I was introduced to sugar dating by a friend of mine that had been a number of relationships already over the past ten years”, Hector said. “Unlike my friend however, I got lucky in that I found someone that I fell in love with and could be with for the rest of my life.”

Spreading the joy around

Sam’s is another case entirely. After cashing out some prime stock in the mid-2000s, he found himself with more than enough money–and time–that he knew what to do with. “I tend to get bored very easily, and I was at a loss as to what I would occupy myself with after I retired”, said Sam. “I wanted to see the world, to experience things I never tried before, and to meet new people. I found that I also wanted to share these experiences with attractive young women, which is why I decided to check out the sugar dating lifestyle.”

Now having gone through four sugar babies over the past decade, Sam is eager to continue on in his path. “I’m not really into casual dating and quickie encounters”, said Sam. “I’m much more into getting to know a person and letting the relationship grow. I therefore take the time to meet the right woman and to get to know her before entering into any type of long-term arrangement. As long as we are happy together and we are getting what we want out of the relationship, I am totally okay with keeping the relationship going indefinitely.”

More than meets the eye

As you can see, sugar daddies and sugar babies comprise a wide and varied array of people, each with their own goals and aspirations. There are as many individual stories as therefore are scenarios, and you simply can’t paint the entire lifestyle with a single brush. So the next time someone passes judgment on sugar dating, you might consider letting them know that it may not be as cut-and-dried as they think.