How To Tell If A Sugar Baby is Real Or Fake

As an older male Sugar Daddy, whether a rookie or you’ve been in the Sugar Dating world a while, you are familiar or may have heard about false Sugar babies, sometimes called Salt Babies (these are simply scammers out there for money).  By now, you can tell a fake Sugar Baby because we already discussed that. But how can we know the sign of true and possibly kinky Sugar Baby?

Actions Will Speak Louder than Words

Most ladies keep their word and to be successful, a young Sugar Baby must be able to keep her words.  Nobody, not even liars, like to be called liars and will act upset if you proclaim proof of their sweetened and hyperbolic words.  If she talks about loving to do portraits she should offer at least to do a portrait of you or know some famous gallery in town.  She should possibly, also, know some famous artists in the town and should maybe offer to take you for a visit in their gallery. Simply she must be knowing what she is talking about, not making up stuff just to please you.  If she’s not offering proof of what she is talking about, what she can draw is drawing money from your wallet. Likewise, if she claims to be a traveler and loves everything about traveling, she should be able to tell certain places she’s been to and the cause of the travels, is it an adventure, a business travel or just a tour? What she knows of the places she’s been to visit. The places she would dream of going to next and why she wants to go there.

Openness and Loyalty Assurance

You have been on your first date and should note if she is dropped off  by a taxi or if she drove herself. Does she own the car? Perhaps. Is she living with her parents, and it might be her daddy’s car? Let her tell you all this. You don’t want scandals later with a Sugar Baby’s parents. Is she a minor? Let her show you her identification card and confirm her age. Having an affair at your age with a minor, you might end up behind bars, so you can’t be too careful about confirming a young woman isn’t too young. If the car is hers, what does she do? She must have some decent work somewhere. Where does she live? Does she rent, own the place, or maybe, it’s family owned? As a POT SB, she should be able to tell you all this because it is for the good of both of you. Does she have a boyfriend or a husband because maybe you are not ready to share and/or maybe they don’t know what’s going on, either. You should ask for proof and as a POT Sugar Baby, she should provide it and not ask a question like “why should I lie?” as that’s the question that liars ask to throw people off. If she’s clean she will not find it hard to answer all these questions. You are asking all these questions because you are not looking for a sex worker. I am not trying to disrespect the prostitute world, but I am just differentiating them from Sugar Babies. A Sugar Baby is someone you look for to build a romantic kind of relationship with, and you require loyalty and honesty.

Check Her Spending Attitude

Being a real Sugar Daddy yourself, you want to spoil your new young Sugar Baby and not her asking you to spoil her. At this time, you should know how to treat a Sugar Baby because that has been discussed in many other articles. She is somewhat of a life companion, and you want her to look all good and satisfied. But remember we said not to give it your 100% all, especially if you have not met, yet, or very often. Give her promises but do not let her make you promise her things which are overboard. Just because she saw you with a luxury car, do not let her make you buy her one. You buy her whatever she needs because you want to surprise her with it. If a Sugar Baby’s asking a lot about money and expensive stuff. That’s a sign of a gold digger, and if not careful she will dig into you from head to toe. You want to assure her that you’re truly wealthy, after all, there are fake and scamming men out there that take advantage of innocent, young Sugar Babies, but you don’t want to give her access to too much, either. It is you who decides what is reasonable, and you shouldn’t think with your heart but think with your brain. A real POT sugar babe will let you spoil her, not demand it.

What is Her Perspective on Sex?

A real Sugar baby is a lady out there who offers more than her body.  There are many young ladies out there who can pull down your pants and offer you the satisfaction between their legs, but a real Sugar Baby offers more than mere sexual pleasure.  If that is all a Sugar Baby thinks you want to let her know you can do that at a cheaper price.  Let her know you are not looking for just some booty call or a prostitute. You are looking for a romantic relationship which can be NSA whatsoever but still carries more weight.  You should not go for less than a Sugar Baby. If she has prostitute-like traits, let her know you know where to find booty calls. Of course, no man would deny sex offered to him in the first instance, but let her know you expected more.  Do not get me wrong, I have the uttermost respect for sex workers, and I’m not here to shame anyone. Do not pressure her for sex but have it at the right time. you too as a Sugar Daddy should want to treat your Sugar Baby with respect, therefore, do not treat her like a hooker, either. Let her know what you expect of her, and you will get yourself the perfect Sugar Baby you have been looking for. You don’t always have to ask for sex, it is a natural thing that will always come on its own. Sex between you two should be something special. Let her know that you’re looking for more than just a quick lay. If she just offers herself on the first date, that’s not the one for you.

Remember you don’t own her, but she shouldn’t hesitate to answer some questions. Some lies you see them coming, therefore do not tolerate lies from a POT SB.