The Art of Negotiation

One of the more difficult things to settle or agree between a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babies is usually the terms of your arrangement and more specific deciding on how much money
their time is worth. Let’s get one factor clear – everyone’s time is definitely worth something, whether you are talking about an hourly job or being cashed an allowance by a Sugar Daddy. S,o if you’re giving someone an allowance, they had better have deserved every coin. Many things in life are a transaction, whether stated or not.  In almost every relationship, there is a monetary aspect of the arrangement. To provide this allowance, a Sugar Daddy has the right to know what he will be getting out of this arrangement, too. Whether it is paying for his Sugar Babies’ tuition or sharing a vacation with them.

Typically, as a Sugar Daddy, one can begin by offering an allowance on a weekly or monthly
basis. Remember, just like anything else in this world, every allowance sent to your SB needs to have been deserved. With that said, you shouldn’t underpay or, even worse, refrain from sending these allowances which you had agreed to be giving your SB. Consider these facts when it comes to the financial aspect of your sugar dating.

An Allowance vs a Charge

Often when we are talking to people about their finances in sugar dating, we often hear Sugar Babies say that they aren’t escorts/prostitutes, and that is very true. We aren’t saying that Sugar Babies are better than escorts at all – they are simply different. There is nothing wrong with Sugar Babies or escorts. Typically, escorts are the one to quote a price or set the price while Sugar Babies tend to allow their Sugar Daddies to set the allowances (price). As a SD it’s your duty to be the one to set the groundwork for price and negotiation. You’re the one giving the allowance so take the lead. Now, if you are newer to the sugar dating world or being a Sugar Daddy, if your Sugar Baby is not talking about allowances, she may be shy about it even though she would like to talk about it. Help her out by starting out this “awkward” conversation.

You’re Not Paying for Sex

Remember that she could have chosen to be a hooker, prostitute, or an escort but she chose to be a Sugar Baby. It’s totally not about sex. This needs to be treated as a normal relationship between a SD with a SB. It is way too often that we hear of Sugar Daddies who ask potential Sugar Babies to “audition” sexually before an allowance is agreed upon. That’s not cool. A legit SD would never put his SB in such an embarrassing situation.  That’s not what this relationship is about, and you will end up undervaluing a young Sugar Baby for no reason. She may not even end up having a relationship with you, or she may, also, decide even to quit just after you send her the first allowance. If your interest is only in just sex, there are plenty of women out there that can handle that, a SB is for more than just sex to any man.

What’s Your Sugar Baby’s Worth?

It’s never about what your Sugar Baby is charging. (plus, remember, they aren’t charging you – you’ll be giving just an allowance). You’re the only one who knows your finances, and how much you can afford.  Similarly, only you know how much your Sugar Baby is worth in your life. Never undervalue someone, just because you are worth quite a lot.

When you are deciding how much worth your SB is, consider how much time and commitment your Sugar Baby is going to give you. Will your SB be exclusive or can she see other people while dating you? Will they hold another job or need to be available at your beck and call?

While one can’t tell you how much one is worth, if a SB is nonexclusive she will be able to have more time to herself and her life, so you may want to give her a lower allowance.  Also, keep in mind that depending on how they live and their average cost of living, the amount that’s reasonable for a Sugar Baby’s allowance will vary. It’s common that Sugar Daddies who take out their Sugar Baby twice a month usually offer an allowance that is on the lower end of the spectrum. Now, if you’re the type of gentleman who may want you to spend more than an evening out with your SB (think full nights, a weekend or two, or travel for weeks at a time), the allowance you will give her should be larger. If you plan on spending a date a week with her, you need give her a larger monthly allowance. Always remember that the more time and emotional commitment that you are getting from her, the more you need to compensate her. If you travel with your Sugar Baby, you should not only be covering their travel expenses but have a larger allowance to compensate them for the involvement.


Now, if your Sugar Baby is exclusive with you, you can expect to have a more emotional attachment to her, so it’s only natural to end up giving her a larger allowance as this relationship grows. No one can decide if you are ready for an exclusive commitment other than you two. If she is not ready or doesn’t feel ready to be exclusive, you shouldn’t force her into something she is not ready for or doesn’t want to do. Many Sugar Babies start by being non-exclusive and some move toward being exclusive with their gentleman while others do not. There is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as all members of the arrangement are okay with it. If a SB is comfortable spending time with her Sugar Daddy, an exclusive relationship may be worth considering.


When a mutually beneficial relationship progresses, it’s perfectly fine to renegotiate your arrangement, especially if things move from non-exclusive to exclusive or if you two decide you are going to spend more time together. Most Sugar Daddies double the allowance (at the very least) if things progress from a non-exclusive relationship to exclusive. Typically, if she is spending more time with her Sugar Daddy, she can reasonably expect to receive a considerably higher allowance.