WhatsYourPrice.com: Young and sexy ladies who expect to be paid!

WhatsYourPrice.com is a sugar dating site where you can find young and sexy ladies who expect to be paid to go on a date with you. Since you can find more female users on its platform than male users, this is a good choice of a sugar dating site for a wealthy Sugar Daddy. It makes it easier for a rich Sugar Daddy to find his young, hot Sugar Baby, and they have to compete to get your attention. What’s Your Price offers a wide range of options for users to find each other for friendship, casual dating, or long-term dating without the beneficial arrangement of Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby lifestyle, unlike many sugar dating sites. This means that not every female profile on this site is a potential Sugar Baby for you. Sugar Daddies need to check their profile and make sure that the girl of their interest is open to this lifestyle before contacting her. In terms of design, user interface, and features, WhatsYourPrice.com does not excel on any chapter, being a pretty regular site. Taking into consideration all the features that What’s Your Price offers for a Sugar Daddy looking for his next Sugar Baby, as well as, its pros and cons, my review gives the site 2.5 Stars.

WhatsYourPrice.com: Signing Up and Creating a Profile

It is relatively simple and easy to sign up and create a Sugar Daddy profile on this dating site. You can access a shortcut form on the What’s Your Price site where you can to register for a fee. After registration on the site, the next step is to fill out your Sugar Daddy profile. Signing up and filling in your details is quite easy, like any other online dating service. However, as it asks multiple times for the same information, the whole process is a bit repetitive. It is recommended to add as much info as possible when setting up a profile on a sugar dating site, while taking care to not include anything too personal. Sugar Daddies can add personal details, a bio, and location. They are, also, asked to reveal their income or wealth range. Signing up and creating a profile does not take much of your time.

The site is easy to navigate, and it has an intuitive interface. You are not asked to add any unnecessary or odd information. Then your profile needs to be authenticated with a photo that you have to upload on the site. The photo has to be approved by the site’s administrators. After all this signing up and profile creating process is done, you can finally search through the Sugar Babies profiles of the site users. Rich Sugar Daddies have access to a nice feature when searching for a young and sexy Sugar Baby. They can bid an amount willing to pay in order to date the girl of their choice. On their turn, Sugar Babies can, also, set the price they expect from their potential Sugar Daddy. The price can be accepted or rejected by all members. They can even counter the price with a new bid. Sugar Daddies can set the time for a date once the bidding price is finally accepted. This feature makes you confident that you can date the girl of your choice if you pay the right price. However, some Sugar Daddies may not like the idea to pay upfront for a date.

Subscription Prices and Membership Features

Both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies are lucky to sign up for the What’s Your Price dating site for free. However, while Sugar Babies can fix their price, we Sugar Daddies can only bid for them. The sugar dating site comes with a series of various features. Among the most popular features are included:

  • Checking significant details – knowing who has checked your profile or favorite your profile on the site is a useful feature. When you know who is interested in you already, it can make the search easier.
  • Dating ads – What’s Your Price allows Sugar Babies to post ads with details and location. This feature helps Sugar Daddies match their perfect date. With dating ads you can search for Sugar Babies that are willing to go out with you.
  • Paying for the date – What’s Your Price introduces a novelty on the sugar dating scene. You, as a Sugar Daddy, can pays upfront for all the dates. This idea is different and allows you to be more certain you get to date the girl you like if you bid for it. However, some Sugar Daddies may not like that they have to pay for the individual dates. There are various offers that you can make for a date, the lowest being just $5. You are making your bids by using credits.

Internal Search Results

What’s Your Price provides pretty standard searching functions. Sugar Daddies can filter the search for Sugar Babies on certain criteria like photos, last logged in, distance, relationship status, age, type of dating, body type, height, smoking/drinking preferences, ethnicity, and education. One issue we encountered here is that you run into profiles that have not been on in long time only after a page or two.

The conclusion

What’s Your Price is a sugar dating service that comes with an intuitive and simple design. It is easy to learn how to manage its user interface. However, one issue here is that there are not enough active members, not enough options for filtering, it does not explain enough about the process, and it takes too long to set up. The site’s options look more like a generic dating site that added a Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby option than a specialized sugar dating site. What’s Your Price doesn’t focus enough on a young woman and an older, rich man’s mutually beneficial arrangement. The site could be useful for someone who is more familiar with Tinder or OKCupid, but it’s not quite the best you can find in a sugar dating site, nor is the best I’ve seen in terms of regular dating sites. However, one of its big advantages is the fact that you can register for free. Taking into consideration all these aspects my review gives What’s Your Price 2.5 Stars.

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